World’s largest known cryptocurrency Bitcoin has its record smashing tally toppling over $34,000 for the first time in the any currency history just hours after reaching the $30,000 mark for the first time. Not only this cryptocurrency is breaking records but today decentralised finance also known as DeFi is hitting milestones with $15 billion growth.

Why is decentralised finance turning heads ?

When bitcoin is surging day by day decentralised finance is turning heads too. It’s making the finance sector accessible and more transparent. The DeFi leverages are transforming old protocols that can’t be trusted into more transparent one that could be used without intermediaries.

 Why is DeFi needed for the hour?

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Today more than a million people do not have access to affordable financial services. But due to the advancement in technology today everything can be accessible that would lead to smart contracts and sturdy financial growth. Traditional finance today is governed by central bank authorities and people don’t have a choice to choose their own monetary policy. As a result these sectors have immense financial pressure and do lessen the burden they impose taxes on goods and commodities. The money has never been free and taxpayers bear the burden by suppressing their financial needs. And due the problem of centralisation and to increase stability in the financial sector decentralised finance is of utmost importance.

How does decentralised finance help?

The term itself refers to digital assets, applications with smart contracts and protocols that run with the help of public  block chains known as Ethereum.

DeFi will helps the financial sectors in the following ways:

  • Decentralisation: this form of financial practices will help in creating a  decentralised network. This will ensure that the financial systems are free of ownerships or a centralised regulator. Every node available in the network will store the data inside the block chain without any regulator.
  • Transparency: since all the data will be stored in the blocks , the copy can be used to access by anyone as the network that would be created would be a public one. This system would ensure that the financial systems are accessible to anyone around the world.
  • Trust lees: In a centralised network everything is seen by an assigned individual but in this transparent network individual nodes have their own economic incentives to work for the interest of the system.
  • Censorship resistance:  since the protocols are heavily cryptographic If some data is entered into them can’t be tampered by anyone. Though they are easily programmable by anyone and they can create their own fabulous DeFi application. Decentralisation applications have created a sense of openness that led to more innovation across the platform.
 The DeFi ecosystem

Due to the development and openness within the platform DeFi has created a smart platform for talented developers across the world. Ethereum acts as a supercomputer where it shares its resources among other systems developers incorporated within this ecosystem. According to the DeFi pulse on February 11 the amount of USD used in DeFi crossed $1billion. And due to the stable protocol that is famous called crypto pegged stable coin has established its dominance for over 53,68%.

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Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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