FiCAS ETPs Available Across European Market

FiCAS attains regulatory approval for cryptocurrency exchange-traded products; ETP’s available to all Investors in European Markets.

. FiCAS, a swiss-based management boutique has successfully closed a deal to expand its cryptocurrency business in European countries.

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. FiCAS’s approval was for helping every other European nation to trade or invest in crypto related products called ETP (exchanged-traded product) via their banks.

.FiCAS’s first launch of ETP (exchange-traded products) was in Switzerland in July 2020.

. European Union order for approval will allow to dig deeper in European markets to make them wealthier.

The swiss based company, ficas has started to focus on European markets. So, they have launched a new model where any European investors and traders can easily use exchanged-traded products using banks or brokers. This will provide a much-needed exposure to European markets and be a player in crypto business. 

New vision of European markets

As FiCAS has started to penetrate into European markets, it will make a revolution in their as well as world’s crypto market. FiCAS will become the first active and swiss managed company to make it accessible across different retailers and investors across parts of Europe. FiCAS has also set a vision to be a torch bearer to bring a new era for crypto assets in European markets. 

This way both FiCAS and European investors have a win-win situation. There are also reports that states FiCAS and its asset’s performance has increased to UDS 5 million which proves its effort and worth in market. Their ETP (Exchange-traded products) price also soar to 60% which also gives a positive signal to bring a new change in European market. Investors will now be able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies. 

FiCAS future plans

In future time FiCAS will try to expand its business across nearby Europe. But its focus is solely on Europe. As Europe was not aware about the advantages of cryptocurrency, it becomes easy for FiCAS to bring more crypto products and its services to make it popular. 

As this new rule has been approved, BTCA (better than cash alliance) has also decided to lower all types of roadblocks for smoother entry of crypto products into European market. Due to this step, investors will get a messy free environment where they can get ample amount of exposure on crypto market through safe and regulated means. This active strategy of BTCA is believed to change the sentiment of market and will increase another underlying product’s portfolio.

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Steve Anderrson
Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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