‘BEWARE’ Says BofA as Stock Markets Appear Toppy

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Bank of America warns about toppy stock markets; Warns investors to stay alert.

  • BofA has warned the top-notch stock market giants, like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc., about the growing intervention of new investors in the market.
  • The Chief Executive Officers of both the giant stockholders feel the crypto market’s sudden rise as challenging.
  • With the doubling of Bitcoins value in no time, it seems that in the new future cryptocurrency markets will thrive with digital money becoming much more usable all around the globe. 

The CIS of BofA, Michael Hartnett has said the following world:

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“Sell the vaccine: frothy prices, greedy positioning, inflationary and desperate policymakers, peaky China, and consumer all ultimately (a) toxic brew in 2021.”

Based on the most recent data that has been published on the fund-flow for the previous week, it has been noticed that a massive number of new investors have stepped into the stock markets with their investment plans. The report had been published on the 8th of January, 2020.

Seeing the gradual change in the number of investors entering the market, the Bank of America has warned the top-notch stock markets. The investors have not just entered into the money business but also in the gold fund markets. These new investors are facing some setbacks from the cryptocurrency markets.

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It has been noticed by the Bank of America that the investors are not only investing, but also taking money out of the growing markets. Moving our focus on the US, there has been an inflow in 10 billion dollars in stock markets. 

Trends Of 2020 Are Believed To Be Followed In 2021, Says BofA

With the pandemic setting in its foot in 2020, people had built up this notion of “buying everything” that they could afford. BofA has claimed that 20201 is following in the footsteps of the same trend. The statistics show that the peak of the profits will be observed at the end of Q1 2021 and positioning and profits.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, has mentioned that he expects a large scale of volatility in the future stock market. He also says that he is trying to keep himself well prepared for that. Many analysts and data scientists all around are warning about a future, doomed by an “aggressive speculative fever” as they call it. 

The Surge In Cryptocurrencies In The Stock Markets Have Left The Bankers In A State Of Awe

Going by the tally of several surges in the market of cryptocurrencies, bankers, not only stock markets have started discussing the sudden high scale rises in the crypto markets. The Bank of America has discussed this colossal topic of discussion over the crypto market by mentioning “Bitcoin” and how it is blowing the market’s capital at a considerable scale, each day and how it has started growing at an unimaginable scale.

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The data reveals that Bitcoin has grown to double its value in less than just a month, it seems unpredictable as to how much more expansion we will witness. These high rises of Bitcoin seem highly unsustainable to the CEO of JP Morgan. However, he has not denied the fact that shortly digital currencies will make a mark and are going to grow more and more. 

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