This Man From Las Vegas Just Acquired 78 Nvidia’s Newest RTX 3080 Sequence Playing Cards

  • Simon Bryne from Las Vegas made a historic move by acquiring 80 Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics playing cards virtually.
  • Byron eventually shared his setup footage named Berta-2 explaining how it unfolds across the web very quickly.
  • The potential expenditure estimated for the construction of the respective rig remains over $100,000

Crypto miners are working hard to hoard high-end graphics playing cards to establish their mining rigs. This has happened due to the worth of cryptocurrencies like  Bitcoin striking all-time highs amidst the global pandemic and Ethereum inching towards a record high of $1400. 

The curious deal of the man from Las Vegas

In case you have been struggling to get your hands on Nvidia’s newest RTX 3080 sequence playing cards, we have the details of the person responsible for it. This Las Vegas man recently purchased 78 of these cards to establish his devoted rig for mining cryptocurrencies. 

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A more nuanced report suggested that Simon Bryne just purchased these graphic playing cards virtually. He even shared the footage of his domain, named “Berta 2” (“Berta” was Byrne’s first crypto-mining rig), on-line. The respective domain is said to unfold across the digital world very instantly.

The Berta-2 rig

The aforementioned footage of Berta-2 allows one to observe the array of GPUs arranged. It facilities this visual on a large, in all possibility custom-made floor. Simon has also employed RGB lighting for each of the RTX 3080 playing cards. It further adds a decent aptitude to his rig.

Now, the readers must be wondering about the convenience that this entire episode suggests constructing a rig. Clarifying that bit, one essential factor is the requirement of considerable capital funding. The setup uses the RTX 3080 playing cards but ensures a further use of various GeForce GTX 1080 Ti playing cards (a mixed whole of 143 GPUs). This, of course, helps the mining better. Contemplating the data that we have about how each RTX 3080 card costs $699, it can be concluded that this person spent over $100,000 to construct the rig efficiently.

According to his claims, the record of Bryne reflects how he has recently received the return on his preliminary capital after merely two months of mining. Thus, the respective funding does not seem like much of a trouble for him. Moreover, the person says that he earns $900 (~Rs. 66,000) a day virtually, apart from the additional value of electrical energy and upkeep of the rig.

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