Michael Saylor Makes An Amusing Comparison Between Bitcoin And Youtube

  • In terms of how BTC enables everyone to be their bank just like Youtube facilitates the spreading of messages across by anyone, Michel Saylor made an amusing comparison between Youtube and Bitcoin.
  • His interview with Robert Breedlove included various other significant statements regarding Bitcoin and the process associate to its respective vital holders.
  • MicroStrategy’s stock prices have been hitting the charts with constant increment since its investment in Bitcoin in August of last year.

The CEO of the Nasdaq-listed business intelligence institution MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor recently interviewed with Robert Breedlove under the latter’s section of The Saylor Series. The interview turned out to be fascinating courtesy of the amusing observations that Saylor explained in the context of the digital financial market. 

Michel Saylor’s amusing interview 

During the episode, Saylor suggested a comparison between the bitcoin’s disruption to the banking industry and Youtube’s visual content. He explained his argument by noting how BTC enables everyone to be their bank, just like how Youtube facilitates spreading messages across by anyone. He pointed out the freedom that Bitcoin allows people in their management of money. 

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Saylor further added that Bitcoin’s other highlight feature enables people on the board of a financing institution to regulate the funds using a multi-sig cryptocurrency wallet. He explained that the board members are probably kept truthful by submitting annual tax forms of IRS and their liability in case any defraud on their behalf with the foundation. 

Saylor’s technical perception on the role of Bitcoin

The funds, noted Saylor, could efficiently be invested in Bitcoin where one can have five digital keys distributed, though three are essential to vote on any movement. The key holders have to register their digital as well as health updates every three months. 

In an unusual situation where one stops registering, there is a provision that the leftover four could select a fifth person. When one of them retires, they could transfer the keys to another person automatically. 

According to the reports of Daily Hodl, Saylor believes the idea that the majority of investors are ignorant of BTC’s potential as a store of value. He, thus, proclaimed that Bitcoin would prove to be an unchangeable autonomous unit of economic energy. 

It is worth noting that MicroStrategy has been enormously investing in Bitcoin since August of last year. The figures revolve around 70,470 BTC for an accumulated purchase value of $1.124 billion. MicroStrategy’s stock has witnessed an appraisal in their prices by nearly 200%. It has begun to invest in Bitcoin, hence, hinting at a direct correlation between the stock’s price rise to the respective BTC investment.

Will this correlation continue in the long run? Will the BTC investments continue to be the lucky charm for the stock prices of MicroStrategy?

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