Institutional Investment from Grayscale Continue to Rise in Cryptocurrencies

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Aggressively Acquired 60,000 Bitcoins in 100 days Grayscale BTC Trust Fund ETHE
  • The funds of Grayscale are operating as Trusts holding rapidly expanding options like Bitcoins that are not redeemable by the investors. The success of the trust may potentially impact the supply of Bitcoins in the market
  • Holders can sell their shares in most trusts in the secondary market.
  • The firm is enhancing its focus on advertising and introducing half a dozen new products to get a firm grip on the entire market

Grayscale Investments LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a digital currency investing services firm which provides market information, investment products and exposure to the developing digital currency asset classes. The company is receiving increased interest levels from institutional investors especially pension funds and endowments. Rapid and constant growth is expected to continue throughout the year.

Encouraging Statistics

The data from Grayscale is reflecting a turning point for Bitcoins in 2020 whereby the investors considered digital assets as an inflation hedge and a long-term store of value.

For the combined 2020, investments in Grayscale products ticked $5.7 billion which is four times more than the cumulative investment from 2013-2019. This means that more than 3% of the total supply of cryptocurrency is coming into this firm. Grayscale currently has 10 funds managing $25 billion in assets up from $2 billion a year ago.

In Q4, 2020 the total investment had reached $3.3 billion corresponding to an inflow of $250.7 mm per week. In comparison Q3 had $1.05 billion worth investments in Grayscale products.

How Is Grayscale expanding at a Rapid Pace?

The pumping in of additional investments indicates that institutional adoption of bitcoins has put the asset on a maturing path. Though, it should be considered that Bitcoin has a long way to go before becoming an established institutional-grade asset.

However, the model of Grayscale and any other vehicle that maybe removing Bitcoin from the circulation and imbibing the same into a financial product increases the scarcity of an already scarce asset and does give rise to potential hoarding of a future mode of digital payment.

The actions of Grayscale investments did touch the prices of Bitcoins till $40,000 and the bull market is expected to gain further momentum with the Biden administration aiming to offer a massive stimulus program to the nation struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. Though it is a combination of various factors which will determine the performance of Bitcoins and also how firms like Grayscale can have an upper hand in determining the prices in the cryptocurrency market.

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