Biden picks Gary Gensler and Rohit Chopra to lead two primary Wall Street watchdogs

Joe Biden finally declared his choices for the two primary Wall Street watchdogs
  • President-elect Joe Biden finally declared his choices for the two primary Wall Street watchdogs: Gary Gensler and Rohit Chopra
  • On Monday, Biden’s Transition Team made their announcement. Gary Gensler would head the Securities and Exchange Commission and Rohit Chopra would head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • The selection will lead to weeks of intra-party debate, over the reports of financial regulation with two different leads on board

President-elect Joe Biden finally declared his choices for the two primary Wall Street watchdogs. He has selected a pair of veteran regulators: one is Gary Gensler, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the other is Rohit Chopra, a member of the Federal Trade Commission.

Biden’s planning with the two veteran regulators 

Progressive Democrats steadily back both Gary and Rohit. This choice by Biden signals that his administration plans to implement strict oversight. This comes because of the light-touch policies that were executed under the appointee of President Donald Trump.

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Biden’s transition team announced the respective nominations on Monday. It stated that Gary Gensler is the prospective choice to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission. Rohit Chopra has been proposed as the lead for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The intra-party wrangling post selection

In his statement to Bloomberg News, Biden claimed that their administration intends to deliver quick, emergency relief to Americans. Along with that, it will challenge the COVID-19’s overlapping crisis, systemic racism and inequality, and the historic economic fallout. 

The selection accompanies weeks of intra-party debate over the reports of financial regulation. The supposed parties between which the wrangling is about to happen are the moderate Democrats and the ones on the party’s left-wing. The latter ones want to assure a sharp departure from business-friendly policies developed during Trump’s government. According to them, they are dangerous to the banking industry.

The confirmation of the Senate will verify both candidates. Meanwhile, the SEC and CFPB will operate under provisional leaders until the verification gets completed.

The Gary-Rohit association with Democrats 

When Democrats won two senate runoff elections this month in Georgia, Gensler and Chopra’s chances of getting confirmation were significantly improved.

Democrats will have expectations from Gary’s tenure. They want him to implement stricter impositions and heavier fines for financial institutions and executives charged with wrongdoing. The progressives at the CFPB would want Chopra to renew a regulator that, according to them, has become a blunt version of the institution. 

Thus, it will be interesting to see the plan of action these two veteran regulators implement under their respective tenures.

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