Argentinian Agriculture is going to be tokenized by CoreLedger

The Report That Was Provided By CoreLedger And Abakus
  • Since 1980, the farmers of Argentina suffer from its economic effects and hyperinflations
  • Monopolized agricultural trading has cut off huge chunks from its farmer’s earnings
  • CoreLedger with Abakus has planned to introduce tokens to allow the farmers to make exchanges and to maintain liquidity

This tie-up of agriculture with Blockchain would help them exchange assets more efficiently and enable them to stay in the market and earn. 

The Report That Was Provided By CoreLedger And Abakus

According to a report, CoreLedger joined hands with Abakus to launch a new marketplace with peer-to-peer exchange. These two companies will provide the agricultural market with an infrastructure for digital bartering in the economy. These technological advancements will help the farmers to redeem their assets and also exchange them.

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These trading assets would include feed for cattle, like soybean, grass and corn. 

The Views From The Executives Of The Two Companies That Took The Initiative

Johannes Schweifer, the CEO of CoreLedger, said that 40% of the total soyabean oil comes from Argentina. According to him, the company’s initiative is based on National interest. It is mainly for the small scale farmers who have been trying hard to liquify all their stored assets .

He added that,  in a country affected by inflation, access to assets with physical support might be the difference between these farmers’ survival and prosperity.

  Due to the strong monopolies in Argentina, the Farmers of the country struggle to earn and make a living. The monopolies of the National Corporations dictate the existing farming conditions . They take away a considerable chunk from the farmers’ trading volumes. The introduction of tokens in agriculture will solve these problems.

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