January 2021 Lisk Monthly report of Mainnet release

Lisk Advancement progress report
  • Lisk announced Lisk SDK 5.0.3 in January which facilitated browser support for the company’s clients
  • The Least Authority executed an external audit to ensure a high degree of security
  • The “Collabolancer” project is a blockchain application that creates a decentralized freelance market

Cryptocurrency Lisk reports on updates, top news, and development through its issue of monthly reports. Lisk is an open-source blockchain programme. It allows creators to note decentralized applications in the language of JavaScript programming.

Lisk Advancement progress report

Lisk announced Lisk SDK 5.0.3 in January. This release involved browser support for the company’s clients and block reward for standby officials, and a getBytes bug used to compute transaction sizes offline.

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It also released Lisk Core 3.0.0-beta.4 . It is a program that helps to join a node. Before the release of this program, delegates had to conduct various commands to set casting, especially those who wanted to initiate node operation. This release added a new command to forge the delegates. Moreover, it helps to fix a bug in passphrase encryption and decryption. 

Security audit report of Lisk

Within the framework of Lisk Core 3.0.0, they implement various improvements in the protocol. The Least Authority executed an external audit to ensure a high degree of security. This audit highlighted the characteristics implemented during the Network Longevity phase. This audit verifies the Lisk codebase quality and ensures the safety of the Lisk Core 3.0.0 release on the mainnet.

Builders Program of Lisk

The company announced the launch of the Lisk Builders program in 2019. It aims to provide opportunities for creators along-with adequate support for constructing proof of concept blockchain applications. Aldo Suhartono Putra recently published an article discussing the Collabolancer project as a part of the Lisk Builders program.

The Collabolancer project is a concept of blockchain application. It works on establishing a decentralized freelance market that allows easy collaboration among employers and workers. It also provides for solutions between the two. The purpose, thus, is to get employees to work together and contribute to finishing the work assigned to them with utmost sincerity. 

The platform also introduced a system called Solver to resolve issues between employers and workers. Collabolancer is constructed within a decentralized setup. It is believed to provide a diverse range of benefits to all parties. The founder of the Gimly Blockchain Projects also issued a blog about the same. Caspar Roelofs discussed the Smart Transport project in the respective blog.

His project of Smart Transport exhibits the concept of blockchain application as well. In this one, the hardware wallets safeguard packages that support the Lisk SDK. It does the leveraging process by contacting the smart card of Tangem, the card wallet company. It will be interesting to observe how the crypto-asset market responds to this report .

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