CryptoGames Review

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have changed the online gambling business, making it more famous than any time in recent memory. The number of online gamblers has grown rapidly as internet gambling has become more widely renowned. As a result, players are constantly in search of a gambling site that can provide them with exemplary entertainment along with features that will make it easier for them to make a profit. The spectacular online casino recognized as CryptoGames is a gambling website that offers a lot of amazing services and charming games that can fulfil the needs of any fervent gambler adequately. With its amazing team of moderators and its impressive dedication to its customers, CryptoGames expects to set up a norm in the business that other online casinos can follow.

CryptoGames is under the obligation of a company known as MuchGaming B.V and falls in the jurisdiction of the Government of Curacao. The wagering site has amassed hundreds and thousands of clients through intense hard work and devotion and has attained the respect of gamblers everywhere globally. The gambling site expects to raise its popularity by putting more emphasis on client satisfaction and implementing more features on the site. With such genuine responsibility, this casino is on an excursion to raise the prominence of internet gambling and hopes to create a utopia for ardent gamblers all over the world.

A Well Designed Interface

The clients of CryptoGames get to have an immaculate experience, browsing the site and accessing its special features. The site has a very modern layout and a simplistic design, which has received remarkable positive reviews from a dominant part of visitors on the site. The fundamental features of the site allow it to be browsed comfortably by a wide scope of clients on the site. Even first-time visitors on the site face little to no difficulty browsing and accessing the different pages on the site. Users can easily access all of the site features effectively and efficiently. The presence of the chatbox allows users to have conversations with each other, and the complete absence of distracting designs allows players to contribute their complete attention to their games. Besides, the light interface allows the games to be played effectively on a wider range of devices. Undoubtedly, even gadgets with low specs can be used to load up and play the games. Customers can flip between games with a couple of clicks and look at their betting history beside each game that is being played. Customers of the site also have various useful options under “Your Account” that can be used to check various personal stats, rewards, themes, and so on. Prolonged gamblers can active the “Dark Mode” and set it as a theme. The mode can be easily switched when needed by just clicking the moon-shaped button. At the footer, the rest of the information about the site, such as FAQs, chat rules, social media, support links, and a live Twitter feed can be found.

Eight Different Stellar Games Including Dice:

The quality of a gambling site is often determined by the games it provides. CryptoGames has obtained huge regard and respect from the gambling community due to the presence of its magnificent assortment of games. These games have helped CryptoGames in procuring hordes of followers from the wagering scene through their nostalgic vibe. Some of these antique games existed even before the web-based casino became more mainstream. CryptoGames offers 8 of these easy to play games. Furthermore, CryptoGames gives instructive guides and tutorials that contribute essentially in assisting players with learning these games in the most ideal manner possible.

The games offered by CryptoGames are renowned for their highly reasonable house edge. The betting site has one of the lowest house edges in Dice, which is just 1% (VIP users receive even lower house edges, which is 0.8%). One of the best places to play the lottery is over here since CryptoGames has a 0% house edge on the lottery and does not take any commission or fees to join a lottery draw. The wide scope of various games similarly offers a productive house edge giving clients astonishing chances of winning.


The game of Dice is a well-known game in the crypto community that is completely dependent on one’s determination and sheer luck. The game has a tremendous extent of potential results that contrast from 0.000 to 99.999. The rules of playing this game are simple. A number should be chosen, and players need to pick whether the dice roll will have a greater or lesser outcome than the chosen number. The player who reports the consequence of the Dice roll correctly is viewed as the victor of the game. Users of CryptoGames play this luck-based game with no trouble because it only requires a single click to set everything up. You can roll the dice using hotkeys. There is an “Auto Bet” feature that can be used to change the set up a strategy that suits player preferences and let it roll automatically. Currently, a profit of 6 BTC can be procured through an alone bet in Dice.


Slot is potentially one of the most enrapturing and energizing games found on the internet. The slot machine at CryptoGames has five reels that spin prior to coming to a halt. If the five symbols match one of the combinations from the payout table, the user gets rewarded based on the bet amount and the combination reward. Only a single horizontal line up is considered, making the game less complicated. Players can win up to 5 BTC by hitting the jackpot on a slot.


Roulette is perhaps one of the most renowned names in the wagering scene. This remarkable game has an enormous group of fans in the gambling community. CryptoGames offers a European variant of this acclaimed game instead of the American one. This version offers a comparable payout table like its American cousin, however, the house edge is halved as there is only one zero present on the 37-number wheel. Clients turn the wheel by tapping the “Spin” button after all wagers are settled and the payout table is utilized to remunerate players fittingly.


Blackjack is an essentially notable game that has consistently produced an enormous interest in the gambling world. The game should be played between a player and a dealer who compare their cards and players have to attain a hand that has points nearer towards 21 than the dealer. Players of CryptoGames can play the game with no obstructions as the site offers an ideal table interface with no unnecessary designs. Players are given alternative options like Surrendering, Doubling Down, and Splitting. There are four decks that are redone after each hand, and when a player hits the Blackjack, the degree of payment is 6:5. Players are also equally compensated for split hands.


Lotto is a game that plays with one’s patience and offers the most laudable prizes to the victor. Here, one can win everything or lose everything. This radiant game was borne from the ancient action of lottery where contenders bought tickets that were later used to choose the victor. Clients of CryptoGames can use the “Purchase Tickets” tab to buy tickets. Supportive information, for example, the number of tickets at present owned by the users and the likelihood of winning, can be seen under that tab too. Other significant information, for instance, the time remaining for the round and the prizes for various positions, and the total number of tickets bought can also be checked in the basic interface. The gambling site, CryptoGames, holds two draws on different days per week consistently where it crowns its victors. The coins gathered through ticket sales is then divided among the three victors appropriately. It has to be noted that CryptoGames make zero profit from the lottery, giving all rewards to their users.


A fun game where a ball drops down from the most raised point of a pyramid, Plinko is an outright top pick among carefree players. Here, a gambler needs to pick an amount to wager, and a payoff sum is doled out, after which the colored ball is permitted to tumble to the lower part of the pyramid giving the player reward based on the color of the ball. Users just have to press the play button and watch the ball fall. Fun and dazzling, this great game regularly conveys high energy and makes the amazing rivalry between passionate players.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a dazzling game that is known for its modernized gameplay and epic prizes. This intriguing and enjoyable game is played on a simulated table. Clients of CryptoGames can decide to play any of the three versions of the game, which are- Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Users can pick their favored mode by getting to the options accessible in the upper left corner of the game board to flip between their supported games. The payout table is utilized to reimburse players reasonably, and on account of a Royal Flush, the player will achieve a massive payout! 5 BTC is the maximum profit a user can make through one single bet.


Minesweeper is a widely acclaimed game that had incredible popularity back in the 2000s. Players from all around invest a huge part of their valuable time in this luck-based game and achieve gigantic awards simultaneously. The game makes use of a field containing boxes, some of which cover mines. Players need to tap on as many boxes as they can before they collide with mines. Users can win up to 5 BTC through one single game. If users profit proceeds 5 BTC in a single game, the game ends automatically by rewarding the users with his profit.

Provably Fair and Best House Edge of the Games

The games offered by CryptoGames are broadly perceived in the gambling community for being provably fair. This is a technique where cryptographic methodology can be used to verify if the casino interferes with the aftereffect of games, and players can use these to check the results of games and bets they have placed. Integrating such techniques shows that the casino is totally legitimate and doesn’t meddle with users’ bets to favor the casino. It also brings ease into the minds of the gamblers. An easy to understand guide is provided by CryptoGames so users can verify their bets without facing any problems.

To ensure fairness in Lotto, CryptoGames uses a third party website, RandomPicker which implements all anti-cheat measures during lottery draws. All lottery data is open to the general public who can verify the results of the draw.

Engaging Referral Rewards and Huge Progressive Jackpots

Throughout the years CryptoGames has seen a huge spike in player numbers and overall interest on the casino. This is largely due to the awesome referral reward program given by CryptoGames. 15% of the house edge of the wagered amount is given to players for each referral they make. This referral commission will be given to the player as long as their referred players are active and won’t be impacted by any losses. Any users who are willing to promote the casino on a large scale can directly communicate with the casino and negotiate a better referral rate. The rates are adjusted based on how well the user’s referrals are performing.

Moreover, Games offered by CryptoGames often have progressive jackpots. These games are continuously getting scouted by devoted gamblers who couldn’t imagine anything better than to get their hands on these plentiful stakes! As of now, rounds of Dice and Roulette brag monstrous jackpots and are being seriously followed by players who are restlessly holding on to guarantee the reward! The Dice and Roulette jackpot of Bitcoin remains at a striking 3.75 BTC and will transform into the prize of a skilled and lucky gambler. Moreover, other altcoins have their own progressive jackpots too!

Extra Layers of Security

Satisfactory security procedures should be taken to deal with the tremendous number of online aggressors who are eager to cause huge damage to ill-equipped online casinos. These scandalous hackers and aggressors are always watching out for weak security conventions that they can break to achieve their objective of taking cryptocurrency.

CryptoGames has undertaken numerous strong security measures to baffle the undertakings of any malignant programmers on the site and to guarantee there is an indestructible layer of security among them and customer funds. The betting site has presented Two-factor Authentication and SSL encryption into its system, putting an outright stop to client fund theft even when client account details and password are attained by Hackers. Even in outrageous events when customers have turned off Two Factor approval, compulsory email confirmation ensures malicious programmers can’t pull out any client cryptocurrency. Finally, even a direct attack on the casino by malignant hackers will yield no outcome, as CryptoGames stores assets in cold wallets. These incredible security features and protection ensure that user funds are completely shielded and are far from the grasp of any online aggressors of the web.

Countless Promotions and Lucrative Events

Users of CryptoGames relish unlimited events where they are given hordes of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets, and other charming prizes! All upcoming event announcements are made through their different social media accounts. Users can also follow their announcement thread on Bitcointalk forum. The events are hosted mainly by moderators where users can win free coins by attending the events. Holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and Halloween are celebrated at CryptoGames, creating a very enjoyable and festive environment. Don’t be surprised if you are a loyal user and receive free coins through your email occasionally. Weekly challenges are what makes gambling even more fun as users rush to complete certain tasks before others and enjoy some sweet rewards!

Lighting Fast Transactions

When someone visits a casino, the first thing they will look at is the deposit options available. Users look for fast and easy deposit methods. CryptoGames has taken steps to ensure a fast and smooth transaction as well as giving users multiple ways to deposit. The users of CryptoGames can make deposits using 9 different sorts of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic can be used for any trades inside the online casino. A dummy coin called “Play Money” is furthermore offered to users that can be used to assess various methods and strategies that the player can do without taking any loss from their own balance. These options ensure straightforward deposit options and allow customers to totally focus on betting rather than worrying about negligible issues, for instance, postponed withdrawals or deposits.

Integration of Coinswitch

Customers of CryptoGames are not limited to the nine sorts of Cryptocurrency directly recognized by the gambling site. Players are given more options to deposit, thanks to the integration of Coins. Coin switch can be used to deposit and withdraw a different number of altcoins that are not directly recognized by the betting site. The Coinswitch interface automatically converts any (well known and supported) altcoin to a form recognized by the site. Once players are done gambling, they can withdraw the profit through the same interface and convert it back to the coin they owned before. Coinswitch ensures that trades are swifter and advantageous for the users of CryptoGames as it allows players to save time and hassle as they don’t have to ponder over the process of converting their altcoin through an external website.

The Monthly Wagering Contest and VIP Program:

CryptoGames holds a monthly wagering contest where users are rewarded heavily. Top users of the leader board are also provided with the VIP status that comes with a lot of added benefit such as lower house edge, access to a premium chat channel, direct communication with the casino managers, birthday celebration, and free voucher codes through the month. Along with the VIP status, others also enjoy the following rewards:

  • BitcoinCash: a total of 5 prizes that adds up to 18.5 BCH
  • Bitcoin: top 10 users split 3.84 BTC based on their position along with 828 lotto tickets
  • Dash: top 5 users together receive up to 18.50 DASH
  • Dogecoin:  5 prizes split totalling up to 975,000.00 DOGE total bonuses along with 320 lotto tickets
  • Ethereumclassic: top 5 users together receive up to 185.00 ETC based on their position
  • Ethereum: top 10 user splits 21.80 ETH total bonuses along with 828 lotto tickets
  • NeoGas: top 5 users together receive up to 290.00 GAS total bonuses
  • Litecoin:  Top 7 user split up to 42.50 LTC total bonuses along with 790 lotto tickets
  • Monero – top 5 users together receive up to 23.30 XMR total bonuses

More information about the contest can be found here.


CryptoGames is an online casino that values client fulfillment enormously and centers its assets in improving the nature of its services. Its library of old school games has bought all the gambling community together. Its arrangement of great administrations never neglects to satisfy the elevated standards of its huge community of clients. CryptoGames is a haven for both beginner and veteran gamblers and throughout the years CryptoGames keeps on increasing the standard of online casinos in the gambling scene which will without a doubt profit all the players. If you haven’t tried CryptoGames yet, now is the time!

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