How Cajutel is Participating in the $100 Billion Investment Plan of Broadband Connectivity Across Africa

Cajutel Aims To Bring Digitalized Connectivity in West Africa
  • While less than a third of the population in Africa only has access to broadband connectivity, Cajutel Inc aims to bring faster and more reliable broadband services to West Africa 
  • The project has started in Guinea-Bissau, a country with a population of 1.7 million rankings very close to the bottom in world rankings of literacy 
  • Cajutel Inc intends to establish digital services in West African countries, the services which now many of us take for granted. 

For the introduction, Cajutel Inc plans to establish digitalization for the first phase in a country (Guinea-Bissau) that ranks poorly in terms of literacy, GDP per capita, and Human Development Index. Yes, it can now sound like a Hercules objective to achieve. However, the internet has become a pioneer source for having a 1.38% increase in GDP growth correspondent to a 10% increase in broadband (According to World Bank).     

The $100 Billion Investment Price Tag of Broadband Access For Africa 

Today, only less than a third of the population has internet access in Africa, achieving universal connectivity. The investment plans intend to provide versatile, affordable, and good quality internet access to the continent by 2030 requiring a whopping investment amount of $100 billion (According to the report launched at the Annual Meetings of World Bank). Cajutel is said to be part of this growth-oriented program targeting Western African countries. The project has laid the initial foundation at Freetown, a port city and the capital of Sierra Leone to build infrastructure from ground level. The project showcases real potential to bring education and businesses to the region while millions of users will have first-time access to the digital form’s wealth of knowledge.     

A Journey With Blockades Ahead 

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While only about 25% of Africa’s population has access to the internet, providing broadband services to such an untapped market comes with a lot of blockades. The primary barrier is the affordability as the GDP per capita of the region ranks low. For countering, Cajutel will only charge $50 per month in the form of a standard subscription fee which will be lowered down to $9.00 per month once the usage and client-base increase accounting for at least 30% cheaper rates with comparison to existing operators. On the secondary barrier, low network quality, and coverage limits can be the reason behind the 75% untapped market. Cajutel is currently running under the ownership and supervision of Mr Andreas Fink, who is a telecommunication expert and has a handful of experience in the mobile network industry.

A Sustainable Project Worth Investing 

No doubt providing internet services to an untapped concentration of 75% in a country portrays significant market potential. Cajutel plans to keep operating costs at minimal levels while grabbing as many new customers as possible in which many people will use the internet for the first time. The project’s vision is to bring people of West Africa together and overcome borders through digitalization while providing exceptional voice coverage and internet speed.     

(Currently, Cajutel is priced around $1.00 with a market capitalization of $1,326,491 while BTC pair stands at 0.00002815 BTC and ETH stands at 0.0006867 ETH)

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