Grayscale Report examines Ethereum’s value from three viewpoints

Grayscale publishes research report on Ethereum’s value
  • Grayscale issued a report deciphering the value of Ethereum on February 4th
  • The report affirms that the new program is likely to have a positive influence on ETH prices
  • It explores the value of Ethereum from three distinct perspectives

Grayscale, a major US crypto-asset investment institution, issued a report discussing the value of Ethereum on February 4th. The report examines the value of Ethereum from three distinct perspectives. To be precise, these factors are money, a product that somebody can consume, and yield-generating assets. 

Ethereum’s value deciphered

The report further affirms that the new program developed for blazing transaction charges is likely to influence ETH prices positively. While EIP-1559 offered the respective system, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposed the report.  

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The report applauds the position of Bitcoin in the current scenario. It has accomplished the credibility of digital gold. However, it argues that Ethereum has yet not established its standing position. 

Meanwhile, the smart contracts of ETH assure that applications function as coded without any interference from the third party. Thus, they have started to build themselves as a trustworthy financial infrastructure.

Besides, Ethereum suggests a kind of correlative connection with BTC because of its flexibility. And Bitcoin is witnessing fresh updates despite its rigid system outline.

The first perspective of money

Firstly, when Vitalik observes it as money, the report describes Ethereum as a domestic asset of decentralized finance (DeFi). 

Besides, smart contracts are triggered on the network to offer liquidity to dApps (distributed apps). The transaction fees are needed every time a transaction is concluded on DEX (distributed exchange). 

ETH as a commodity utilized for consumption

When we consider Ethereum from the viewpoint of consumable commodities, a different result pans out. The transaction charges document a distributed ledger for every transfer on the network. Meanwhile, the total value of gas charges shared among miners tends to surge with an increase in network use.

ETH as a yield-producing asset

If the transformation to ETH 2.0 is executed, Ethereum will be able to generate benefits like equity. Moreover, it is anticipated that it will become a unique asset system of its kind. 

Under PoS (Proof of Stake), ETH can be collateralized to the platform in the form of a stake. Thus, it can be attested to produce further returns.

The conclusion of Grayscale’s report applauds the unbiased value investigation method. It affirms that it will change based on the viewpoint of ETH. Thus, it will increase the value of Ethereum as it will strengthen its worth as a multi-functional commodity.

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