NFT tokens will be distributed as Logan Paul’s self-promotion

Logan Paul will be distributing limited-edition NFT tokens
  • Logan Paul will be distributing Ultra Rare Holographic NFT tokens
  • The boxer has acquired six boxes of the first edition Pokemon cards
  • Each card pack will contain one card featuring Paul as Poke-Paul

NFT, Non-Fungible Tokens will be distributed by Logan Paul, boxer and a controversial YouTube celebrity. It is known that the distribution will be a part of Paul’s self-promotion campaign. It is found that Bond, a decentralized e-commerce platform, will be developing a limited number of 44 tokens. The crypto tokens will be featuring a holographic image of the boxer in his boxing gear mocked up as a pokemon card. 

Logan Paul has grabbed boxes of first edition Pokemon cards

According to a BBC report, the boxer has recently acquired six unopened boxes of first edition Pokemon cards. For such cards over twenty years ago, the YouTuber has dropped $2 million in the process of purchase. Indeed, each box contains thirty-six packs of cards. The minimum bid on every pack is $10,000 on the auction site. Indeed, appreciating the amount, we can consider it as a high level of entry.

One Ultra Rare Holographic NFT tokens with each card pack

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According to a release by Bondly, the NFT tokens will be distributed to the winning bidders on Paul’s upcoming first edition Pokemon Box Break. The buyers of the card pack are going to receive 1 of 44 Ultra Rare Holographic NFT. To sell the entire line of editions, Bondly has partnered with Paul. For those who cannot bid in the auction, Bond will also be launching a whole line of Logan’s NFT. Moreover, the NFTs will be sold individually through a custom store on Bondly’s platform. The cryptocurrency will only be available for a limited time before they are sold on the open market. 

Logan Paul as a Poke-Paul in the limited edition NFTs

Each pack’s winner will receive one of the limited edition NFTs that will feature Logan Paul as Poke-Paul. The featured card will describe the boxer as a tall and thick legendary human, and the special attack is a dynamic punch leaving opponents confused. Paul is auctioning the cards from one of the six boxes between 4th February to 11th February 2021 via the Goldin Auction sports collectibles platform. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon game, the boxer will open the packs in a live stream on behalf of the winners on 27th February. On the other hand, each NFT of 44 NFTs is going to have its own level of rarity and limited quantity.

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