Digital Investors believe that Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Stash is a mysterious treasure

Digital investigators credit Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Stash with mysterious worth
  • Some individuals tend to believe that Satoshi Nakamoto’s coins may be the biggest prize contest ever
  • Recently, a few members of the platform discussed a fresh theory related to the infamous inventor of BTC
  • The digital detectives also discussed the famous quote of Satoshi on lost coins

The cryptocurrency community is still very intrigued about the details of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s inventor. Armchair investigators and journalists are trying to discover the identity of the creator. Moreover, they wish to know all the information related to the whereabouts of his every Bitcoin.

Now, some individuals trust that Satoshi’s coins may be the biggest prize contest ever. Meanwhile, the personal keys are somehow kept secret within the framework of blockchain.

Detailed discussion of online sleuths 

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Recently, a few members of the platform discussed a fresh theory related to the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto. The search for Satoshi is still quite a quest. Until now, neither is anyone aware of the creator’s identity, nor could anyone discover the inventor’s BTC’s stash.

It is well established that Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin. It is predicted that the cryptocurrency builder holds a stake of around 750,000 BTC. The possible limit to the stash is estimated at around 1.1 million BTC. 

Sergio Demián Lerner’s analysis 

The RSK chief scientist, Sergio Demián Lerner, conducted research to uncover the thousands of blocks Satoshi potentially holds. Sergio also released a blog post in 2013 called A new mystery about Satoshi hidden in the Bitcoin block-chain. It discusses the fascinating idea of the Patoshi pattern, a nonce field situated in the blocks.

A nonce means a number only used once, according to the Bitcoin terminology. It is a 32-bit field that is a part of a mined block. When miners mine the blocks of Bitcoin, the aim is to discover a hash under or equal to the network’s current landmark. Sergio’s enigma discusses the arrangement of the least significant byte (LSB) of a nonce.

Sergio found out that there was no uniform distribution of the LSB in the alleged blocks of Satoshi. Then, the researcher’s blockchain examination arrived at a few conclusions like one could be that, the blockchain parser was not functioning right.

A group of theorists at tends to believe that there is a possibility that Satoshi’s previously mined coins represent a worthy treasure hunt. A forum platform called Old Gold Digger believes that there is a mysterious reason behind the existence of numerous distinguishers. It argues that the creator wished to popularize his/her blocks through these Bitcoin blocks.

Thus, the digital detectives concluded the conversation by addressing the famous quote of Satoshi on lost coins. According to them, Satoshi was not talking about the lost coins over time. Instead, he hinted at his hidden stash within the blockchain through text or a string of messages.

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