OKEx wallet announces integration with Unstoppable Domains to facilitate quicker payments

OKex bitcoin
OKex bitcoin
  • OKEx recently announced the wallet integration with Unstoppable Domains
  • The users will receive various benefits from this collaboration
  • Unstoppable Domains is working towards setting the internet free

OKEx is a renowned cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange. The platform facilitates spot and derivatives trading. This involves futures, perpetual swap along with options of primary cryptocurrencies. The aim is to offer flexibility to investors in formulating their plans to enhance their gains and reduce risks.

Historic integration announcement 

OKEx recently announced the wallet amalgamation of primary blockchain domain supplier Unstoppable Domains. Earlier, sharing a prolonged combination of letters and digits was necessary to gain finance in their OKEx wallet. With this, the users can simply mention a domain name, for example, jon.crypto or ema.zil.

Benefits of the OKEx’s wallet X Unstoppable Domains integration 

There are various benefits of this collaboration. For example, for the problem of users providing different 40-character addresses for transactions in different currencies, the interrogation provides a concert solution. 

The integration will allow users to receive any cryptocurrency assisted by both OKEx wallet and Unstoppable Domains, within the same domain. This significantly simplifies the customer’s experience. It also makes the process of sending and receiving payments much faster and convenient.

Blockchain domains also resist censorship. As opposed to usual domains on the previous internet that can be put offline, it is impossible to remove these domains from the platform on the decentralized web. Only the owner of the domain can take down as well as access the respective domain.

Draper Associates and Boost VC supports this San Francisco-based company a lot. Unstoppable Domains, with their respective support, is working towards setting the internet free. Ethereum and Zilliqa Foundations also provided grants to the company recently.

OKEx CEO Jay Hao’s opinion

OKEx CEO Jay Hao commented that the recently announced integration, highlights their devotion to simplify the customer experience. It will also help them to attract more people to crypto. 

The integration, according to Jay, exhibits OKEx’s consistent support for the development of the decentralized web. The complementary updates to the exchange reflect real-time settlement for all futures as well as perpetual swaps. Along with this, he stated that they are creating key strides in refining the trading experience for everybody.

Unstoppable Domains is a pioneer in Web 3.0. It has established thousands of platforms in the decentralized web. The registrations count up to the mark of 250,000 domains to date. Thus, the amalgamation with OKEx wallet will help to establish a new level for crypto wallets and direct blockchain domains into the crypto mainstream.

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