Cryptic binary messages being received by Elon Musk

Mysterious wallet address with $3B worth Dogecoin sends messages to Elon Musk
  • A mysterious DOGECOIN wallet is creating odd transactions with a cryptic binary message
  • According to many, the mysterious wallet address belongs to Elon Musk
  • Tweeting regarding Dogecoin and later on purchasing Bitcoin move of Musk has confused many in the cryptosphere

Cryptic binary messages or codes are being received by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla. In recent days, Dogecoin (DOGE), the meme-based crypto coin has been observed driving much value and shining everywhere around the cryptosphere. Elon Musk is the only one name creating a lot of hype around Dogecoin. Following the calf love between Musk and the coin, several individuals have looked at the asset critically. 

Using Cryptic Binary messages Musk is creating odd transactions

Recently a report from has revealed a mysterious DOGE wallet, which has absorbed more than 27% of the coin’s supply since 6th February 2019. Earlier this week, a wallet containing $3 billion worth of Dogecoins has created odd transactions with Cryptic binary messages. Additionally, experts in the cryptosphere are speculative that the wallet address belongs to Musk.

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Observing the date of the first transaction in the wallet and soon after a month Musk claimed that DOGE could be his favorite crypto coin. Indeed, it is since then that the address is managing 36.8 billion coins worth $3 billion.

Connection between Elon Musk and the mysterious address

Some Reddit forums like r/cryptomarkets and r/dogecoin were currently discussing the mysterious DOGE wallet address. Some individuals in the forum group claim that the owner has been sending odd transactions. Following the transactions, experts have transcribed it as cryptic binary code.

An individual tried to translate the binary messages and figure out the hidden message. However, the person was unable to translate it and mentioned that a lot of it was gibberish. Indeed going through some of the transactions the person found ‘NOLEUOYTISI’. According to many, one set of messages displays Musk’s date of birth.

Speaking about Dogecoin and purchasing Bitcoin

Many Bitcoin proponents in the cryptosphere noted that Elon Musk supported DOGE, but later on, Tesla purchased Bitcoin. For several months the CEO of Tesla has been tweeting an awful lot about the meme-based coin. Many in the cryptosphere are concerned about Musk’s move, whereas many are considering the fact meaningful.

However, mostly the DOGE fans are observed being confused following the move of Musk. The fans consider the move as meaningless.

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Ahtesham Anis
Ahtesham Anis is a Computer Science undergrad student currently based out of India. Coming from the business background and his keen interest in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is what Ahtesham brings to the table. He is always an eager learner when it comes to exploring the new technologies and topics in the crypto world.

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