Addition of BitPay in Apple support

Apple adds BTC to its support
  • In the recent news Apple has added BTC to its support
  • This initiative has been highly user friendly and is also going to improve the future of cryptocurrency
  • This has also influenced several  other platforms like Google Pay and Samsung Pay to make the addition

The rapid growth of cryptocurrencies in the past few months, significantly Bitcoin has increased the craze among the market giants. More and more companies, big or small, are preparing to involve themselves in the crypto market. The rapid growth of this domain has led to a huge popularity. Companies which earlier did not even consider cryptocurrencies reliable are now fighting the rat race to get an opportunity to invest in this domain. It has been noticed how the recent demand of currencies have decreased, but its demand in general has increased. To be more specific, the common retailers have overpassed the companies in the acquisition of coins. These events have shown a wide range of uses of cryptocurrencies across the globe. With this craze of BTC, it recently got added to apple pay which will now allow users to make transactions using BTC, thereby easing their life. 

Addition of BTC to Apple Pay

Apple pay took this huge step of adding the globe’s sixth largest currency in its transaction system. This initiative will not only ease the users life by smoothening their transactions but will also create a state of trust among them. It will also let the unknown users know the huge popularity and benefits of using BTC. With this news on air, the prices of cryptocurrencies surpassed the limits of $50,000. No sooner will the time come when it will cross the mark of $60,000. Apple pay has just added BTC to its present transaction system. We can positively expect the addition of other cryptocurrencies also, in the near future. The users can bank on the fact that Apple would only allow the credible and mainstream cryptocurrencies in its system. This is because user privacy is of utmost importance to them. 

Outcomes of the integration

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As per this support, Apple has allowed BitPay in its transaction system. Also this would allow the users to make payments via BTC. The crypto of BTC can also be purchased via BTC Mastercard. The BitPay also includes other crypto’s like Ethereum, BTC Cash, and others like Binance USD. The most advantageous factor in BTC is the transaction ease and security. It also has some very great features for its users. Other features also include instant verification of users, the attainment of physical cards can be used by the users to convert crypto to cash via the ATM.  We know how big and influential Apple is and its support towards BTC is an added plus point for the cryptocurrencies future. The initiative taken by Apple has also influenced other giants like Google Pay and Samsung Pay to include BTC in their systems very soon.

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Ritika Sharma
Ritika Kumari Sharma is an Economics Honors graduate from the University of Calcutta. She is completely into finance and believes that cryptocurrencies are the future. She is an enthusiast learner about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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