Bitcoin records all-time high as six cryptocurrencies show seven-day rally

Six cryptocurrencies show seven-day rally and Bitcoin records all time high
  • Six coins showed significant rally in last seven days
  • BTC rose to 8.2% in a seven-day trailing rally
  • GRT was trading 14.27% up over a 24 hour and reached $2.23

Off late, there have been six coins who have shown a significant rally in the last seven-day session. Bitcoin jumped the highest rally closing at the $50,000 mark, an all-time high, while ICX, Ravencoin, BTG, DASH, LISK, and Graph too have shown bearish movements. 

An enchanting week came to an end for most the cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin prices hovered around the $50,000 mark in the last session on Monday night. The prices gained to almost 8.2% in a seven-day trailing rally. Besides Bitcoin, there were six different cryptocurrencies rallied over 100% in the same period. 

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For the first time, since the six cryptocurrencies shined bright on the crypto exchange, the market sentiments have been high. Let us take a look at the coins who surpassed a bright rally.


This is the first time that the prices of BTC have crossed the $50,000 mark, an all-time high that was reported on Tuesday. The most expensive and one of the popular coins among the traders, has hit $50,110 on the San-Francisco based exchange Coinbase. It was seen crossing $50,240 on Bybit, a Singapore-based crypto derivatives exchange. The investors gain a lot of profit in the record-breaking rally that is driven by a worldwide shift in investors and public attitudes towards digital assets. 

The rally has shown positive results as the investors and other big companies began to take bitcoin seriously and started investing in it. One of the reasons for Bitcoin to see positive sentiments is Tesla’s investment of $1.5 million in bitcoin and plan of accepting the payments in bitcoin. The currency profited more than 60% till date and more than 1,100% since previous month. 


The Graph (GRT) rose 129.41% during the Monday rally. The coin was trading 14.27% up over a 24 hour and reached $2.23. The token was issued on Dec.17 with a price of $0.26. The token now has shown the positive signs of improvement and acceptance in the crypto market. This has risen to 834.62% since its launch. 

Ravencoin was up 122.17% in the seven-day rally, rose to 15.73% over 24 hours at $0.082. It is an open source blockchain project that specializes in the creation and peer-to-peer transfer of assets. The users can trade in the real world and the virtual world through this coin. This coin was launched on Jan 3 2018. 

The other coins that showed the upward trend in the last rally are Icon (ICX), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash (DASH) and Lisk (LISK) all were up 120.70%, 111.05%, 108.19% and 104.87% respectively on a seven-day basis. During the press time, the coins were showing a positive result. ICX was high at 41.69% at $1.84. BTG traded at 3.14% higher at $28.37. 

The other coins that showed green signals are DASH and LSK which rose to 24.68% and 11.37% at $262.26 and $3.44 respectively. 

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