Taproot is scheduled for launch in March 2021

Bitcoin’s most significant upgrade is scheduled for late March
  • Taproot, Bitcoin’s next most significant upgrade, is to launch in late March 2021
  • In August, the upgrade is expected to reach its timeout height after reaching block 7,45,920
  • A part of the Bitcoin community seems willing to avoid the ultimatum if possible

Taproot is going to be the most significant upgrade of Bitcoin after Segwit, which is scheduled to launch by late next month. It is expected that the upcoming upgrade will be improving the scalability and fungibility of the flagship cryptocurrency. Taproot is also known to be combining the Schnorr signature scheme with a marketized Alternative Script Tree, using the Tapscript scripting language. However, the fact will be allowing the Bitcoin transactions to expand the flexibility of smart contracts for the crypto token.

Taproot code will soon get public in a month

According to an activation proposal of Taproot, it is observed that the code for the fully prepared upgrade will be made available by 17th March and 31st March 2021. The upcoming upgrade of Bitcoin will be implemented via soft fork, which will be starting between March 17-31 of this year. However, after the software release for the nodes, digital assets exchanges and other members are expected to upgrade their nodes by July 2021.

In August, the upgrade will reach its timeout height

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After the completion of the upgrade, BTC miners will start indicating that Taproot is implemented. However, following the steps, the minority still left to upgrade the nodes will be able to do so before it enters the mainnet after 90% of the network’s capacity gets implemented. However, after the blockchain reaches block 7,45,920 in August this year, the upgrade will reach its timeout height. Hence, at the time, the entire ecosystem of the most famous crypto token should operate with the upgrade.

Bitcoin community wants to avoid ultimatum

A part of the Bitcoin community is observed willingly to avoid the complications like chain split. Indeed, such community members want a small portion of Bitcoin miners from using the indicated time to gain political advantage. According to Luke-jr, a developer in favor of activating Lockinontime (LOT) to the right, the core of the disagreement is on whether the Bitcoin miners receive an ultimatum. Many in the cryptosphere have proposed to conduct a survey to figure the community sentiments. However, yet the developers are unable to reach a consensus, though, with the timeline, they have a short window to reach a consensus.

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