Bill Gates is observed taking a moderate stance against cryptocurrency

Bill Gates has described neutral views regarding Bitcoin
  • Bill Gates claims, cryptocurrencies are one innovation that everyone can without
  • Gates believes upon Bitcoin and crypto assets seems wavering
  • Gates considered investing in volatile digital assets as a pure fool theory type investment

Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and one of the five wealthiest personalities in the world. According to a report from Forbes, Bill Gates has a net worth of more than $75billion. Recently in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the IT firm’s co-founder and technical whiz were observed, turning philanthropist. Indeed, he may not be a fan of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. According to Gates, the world should get rid of Bioweapons, but how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are working today, they are being used in several criminal activities.

Bill Gates is no advocate of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency

In recent months the price of Bitcoin has witnessed several parabolic moves. According to several critics of the token, the technology is looking to solve a problem with no existence. Moreover, the token is using outsized energy to mine a single BTC.

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Bill Gates recently had an interview with CNBC where he mentioned that moving funds into the digital form and getting transaction costs down is what the Gates Foundation is doing in developed nations. Gates also mentioned the volatility of Bitcoin. He stated that such a token could go up and down, which is based on a mania of whatever the views are. However, such tokens don’t have any prediction regarding the progress in price levels.

Believes in Bitcoin and crypto seems wavering

In 2018 Bill Gates also argued regarding cryptocurrency when he was thinking of betting against the most famous crypto token. However, with time, it is observed that gates beliefs are flicking over time. A couple of years ago, in an interview with CNBC, Gates mentioned that, as an asset class, crypto users are not producing anything. For this reason, individuals should not hope to expect such assets to go up.

Crypto investment or fool theory type investment

According to Bill Gates, crypto investment is a pure, more significant fool theory as the prices are entirely unpredictable. Since Thursday, the market prices have fallen, though the price of BTC has gained more than 80% so far. The COVID-19 pandemic had destroyed the economy tremendously. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is observed getting more attention from his comments regarding the domestic economy’s ravage. Indeed, the crash has brought most of the world’s businesses to a screeching halt.

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