The surging crypto investors graph of women

More women investing in the crypto space
  • According to a 2020 survey of US digital currency trader Grayscale, 47% of all female traders prefer a Bitcoin investment asset
  • Around 15% of ZebPay traders are women
  • Women are extra careful when it comes to the field of investing

Today, women are enthusiastically engaging with the asset class of cryptocurrency than ever before. Consider the example of Nirali Solani, who handles a Mumbai-based community office. Until last March, she was shying from cryptocurrency. 

Rising women individuals in the crypto space

Nirali states that she read those whitepapers on cryptocurrency and started venturing into small funding space. Gradually, as the interest grew, she started putting most of her savings into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today she proudly represents herself as a long-term investor. She added that she believes that the asset is a store of value and a significant inflation hedge in the long run. Nirali initially distributed 3-4% of her stakes to Bitcoin and Ethereum. With time, the exposure reached a worth of 15-20%.

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On India’s cryptocurrency trading platform ZebPay, women traders’ standard ticket size rose to Rs 5.7 lakh in the September-February timeframe. It shows significant growth compared to Rs 3 lakh in the March-August period during last year. February witnessed two primary expansions: firstly, Tesla bought Bitcoins worth $1.5 billion, and secondly, Bitcoin surpassed the $50,000 worth. The developing customer base reflects the developing shape of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The real picture of leading crypto platforms

Around 15% of ZebPay traders are women. They constitute this ratio in the monthly active customer base of 4 lakh investors. Vikram Rangala, CMO of ZebPay, stated that their target is to make the women investor base reach 25% within a year. The majority of the women investors are from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Delhi. Some of the leading coins they prefer are Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

Women are extra careful when it comes to the field of investing. Vikram explained how women investors keenly evaluate the risk and develop a risk management scheme. He added that the women investors on their platform are mid-career professionals. Their data reflects that women currently stake around 1%-5% of their digital assets savings.

According to a 2020 survey of US digital currency trader Grayscale, 47% of all female traders prefer a Bitcoin investment asset, and 66% of women who prioritize Bitcoin are interested in investing if they witness an evident performance track record.

CoinDCX data reflects how Bitcoin is the most favored cryptocurrency asset, with around 15% of women traders investing in BTC pairs until today this year. In crypto space, trading pairs is an asset pair where one cryptocurrency trades for another. 

The CEO at cryptocurrency trading platform CoinSwitch, Ashish Singhal, asserted their platform boasts of 5 lakh women investors. The majority belong to the 25-35 age bracket, and their average ticket size stands around Rs 16,000. The biggest value investment by a woman trader stands at Rs 50 lakh. He added that women’s complete number of transactions until today counts to Rs 450-500 crore.

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Ritika Sharma
Ritika Kumari Sharma is an Economics Honors graduate from the University of Calcutta. She is completely into finance and believes that cryptocurrencies are the future. She is an enthusiast learner about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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