BitMart will soon list Yearnyfi Network on its crypto trading platform

YNI/USDT pair to be listed soon on the platform of BitMart
  • BitMart has plans to list YNI/USDT pair on its platform on 18th March 2021
  • The deposits of YNI tokens on BitMart will begin on 17th March, whereas the withdrawals will begin on 19th March
  • Deposits of the token will remain free of charges, but the withdrawals rate will continue to be adjusted in accordance with the blockchain condition
  • Before BitMart, DigiFinex is expected to list the project in its platform with three exciting events full of rewards worth $2,00,000 in YNI

BitMart, a crypto assets exchange, will soon be listing Yearnyfi Network (YNI) on its platform on 18th March 2021. YNI ecosystem is known for combining the best elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) with measured regulatory control. DigiFinex exchange will also list the project on its trading platform on Friday before BitMart. However, the deposits on the DigiFinex exchange platform have already started on Thursday. And the trading and withdrawal will begin on Friday with exciting events.

YNI/USDT pairs are soon to be added on BitMart

Yearnyfi Network (YNI) tokens are ERC-20 based cryptocurrency. The ecosystem bridges the gap between DeFi and traditional finance. The project aims to solve the problems inherent to the cryptosphere. According to the announcement made by BitMart, Yearnyfi Network and Tether pair will begin trading on its platform from 18th March at 4:00 AM EDT. Indeed, the deposits feature will be available for the users on 17th March only at 4:00 AM EDT. But the Withdrawal feature is expected to begin on 19th March at 4:00 AM EDT. 

BitMart’s spot, deposits, and withdrawal fees to trade YNI

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According to BitMart, If the user uses BMXs tokens to trade the YNI tokens, can be benefited from an additional 25% discount on spot fees. Indeed, the YNI/USDT pair’s default spot fee is expected to be 0.2500% for both Maker and Taker. Moreover, such fees will be determined based on trading volume over a 30-day period (in Bitcoin) and BMX balance. At 00:00 AM (UTC), the users daily trading volume over the above-mentioned factors will get evaluated. On the other side, Deposits will remain free, whereas Withdrawal fees will regularly adjust according to the blockchain condition.

DigiFinex exchange began allowing YNI trade

According to the official announcement by DigiFinex, cryptocurrency exchange, the start of trading and withdrawal features of YNI will begin on Friday. It is known that the deposits of YNI tokens had already begun in the exchange since Thursday. Moreover, DigiFinex has also launched three events, worth $2,00,000 rewards in YNI. However, the exciting offer is only exclusive to new users. In the first event, the traders reaching 100 USDT will be able to share $20k worth YNI in the reward pool. In the second event, the traders whose volume ranks in the top 30 and is greater than 2k USDT can share rewards worth $100k in YNI. For the Third event, liquidity providers staking in YNI tokens will be benefited by worth $80,000 rewards in YNI.

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