Promising token for investment in 2021 – IQN gaming altcoin overview

Due to the current economic turbulence, investing has become a basic human need rather than a way to earn extra money. And here we come to the question: how and what to invest in.

Choosing any of the available investment tools, a person faces many barriers. Buying real estate requires a lot of financial investment, and buying SpaceX shares is impossible without a basic understanding of the stock market or involving a broker. Looking for an asset that can quickly bring profit, an investor ultimately turns to cryptocurrencies. However, there are few that allow you to increase the capital out of more than 7 thousand tokens. Today we’ll talk about one of them – the gaming altcoin IQN.

What is IQN?

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IQN is an ERC-20 token that helps players to get digital asset rewards for their gaming achievements.

The first transaction with IQN was supported by the PvP gaming platform Its developers allowed gamers to monetize their gaming success without intermediaries. And today, a huge number of players receive IQN for victories in PvP matches, participation in contests and interactions held by IQeon team, as well as a bonus from other users.

IQN features

1.IQN is released on the basis of Ethereum platform

Ethereum is one of the top blockchains that is developed by a highly professional team without any breaks! This confirms the reliability of the platform, as well as the fact that tokens will remain in demand for a very long time.

IQN holders have open access to the transaction history in Ethereum, which means that the system is completely transparent.

2. Token was listed on BitForexHitBTC, Exrates and EXMO crypto exchanges

Token listing on well-established crypto exchanges is an important stage in the development of any asset. This event increases attractiveness of the coin, fuels liquidity and makes the chances of success of the project higher.

In addition, ability to conduct currency transactions on trading platforms reflects assets’ competitiveness. In the case of IQN, active token transactions on exchanges are a clear indicator that players are indeed receiving assets for their in-game achievements, and crypto traders willingly purchase tokens.

The best example of the listing impact is the instant rise in asset’s value. Just after the announcement of the IQN listing on HitBTC, its price increased by 8%.

3. IQN is supported by 7 e-wallets

IQN token is supported by several electronic wallets – Metamask, TrustWallet, Eidoo, as well as the Trezor hardware wallet. Moreover, altcoin is integrated into several cross-platform wallets such as Freewallet, imToken, AtomicWallet.

4.IQN received a fundamental expert assessment

The digital asset was analyzed by Flipside Crypto, a cryptocurrency market research company that provides business analysis of tokens and coins. The team conducted extensive research, after which IQN received FCAS rating. It can now be found on the CoinMarketCap token page.

Moreover, in 2019, the well-known company KnownSec verified IQN smart contract and concluded that its code is safe and doesn’t have serious vulnerabilities.

5. IQN financial performance 

The indicators of the gaming altcoin keep growing: in just six months, IQN price has skyrocketed by 80%, and the capitalization has increased by $5.5 million during the same period. At the time of review publication, IQN market value was $2.59, according to CoinMarketCap.

It should be understood that if the token is integrated into as many products as possible, its performance will only grow. And since the asset has occupied a promising niche, it remains in sight of experienced investors.


IQN is a unique product which is part of the gaming industry and crypto sphere and has few competitors in the blockchain area so far. The idea of uniting players from all over the globe is extremely ambitious. Gaining momentum and merging with a large number of platforms, the project can take a dominant position in the cryptocurrency market and in the blockchain industry.

IQN is definitely worth paying attention to. Its growth potential has not yet been exhausted. Therefore, adding altcoin to your portfolio can be a profitable investment strategy. By the way, the crypto market is in the green zone, that’s why now is the best time for investing.

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