EagleFX encourage traders to trade freely

  • EagleFX do not look for margin, instead encourages traders to trade freely
  • The broker doesn’t charge any fee from their client for withdrawing and depositing n number of times on the platform

EagleFX is one such broker making every effort to make trading easy, simple, and accessible to everyone. The broker offers no commission fee, 24×7 assistance, easy transactions, and various spreads for easy trading. 

While doing forex trading, that’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? Of course, the ease of doing the trading on a platform that is user friendly and the platform should have few indicators that help give an exact market condition or any price fluctuations. Aligning with the traders’ interests in mind, EagleFX is one of the brokers in the crypto market that offers 30 technical indicators instead of a handful. 

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They also offer 24 other analytical objects only to help traders perform better in the crypto market. This is a great tool for any trader to understand the market condition and then plan your investment strategically. 

Simple transactions

Powered by an internal liquidity pool, the broker has the best bid for your order each time. This makes EagleFX different from other brokers venturing into the crypto market. The processing with EagleFX is simple and easy. Once the order is passed through the liquidity pool, where the site scans the liquidity providers for the best bet, the order will give maximum benefit. Usually, brokers offer an average bid to get their margin, but with EagleFX, this is not the case as the broker pushes the investor to invest without any inhibitions. 

Spreads play a crucial role in changing strategy

Forex trading is dependent on the spreads available in the market, and there is a variety of them available. Traders have to be alert and cautious whenever they are trading on the platform as they can expect sudden changes in the spreads quickly. Hence, the traders will have to change their investment strategy in the crypto market. But with EagleFX, a trader doesn’t have to worry about it as the broker has various spreads available. 


The brokers provide the latest updates on the changing spreads every second. Hence, the investors keep their spread page open to track the changing spreads and take action accordingly. One should always keep a check on the spreads while trading. To have more clarity on the spreads and trading, it is advised to open a demo or a live account to check all the real-time spreads.

EagleFX gets brownie points regarding trading fees, or transaction fee is concerned. You will be amazed to know that this broker doesn’t charge any fee from their client for withdrawing and depositing n number of times on the platform. The broker has a philosophy to make traders earn as much as possible. The broker takes two types of fees on the trading the client does. But the fee is not heavy and will disturb your finances. Commission fees and Swap fees are the two types where brokers charge from the client. 

The broker takes $6 per RT lot as a commission fee. On the other side, if the trader does not close the trade on the same day, then the swap fees are charged, which vary on asset type. The customer service team at EagleFX also helps the traders with the swap fees. 

It is evident that EagleFX is trying to make trading easy, simple, and friendly for the traders, whether a professional or an amateur. 

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