Elon Musk Suggests Coinbase to allow usage of DOGE

Doge usage should be allowed on Coinbase: Elon Musk
  • Musk shows a huge interest in the adoption of doge by Coinbase
  • He had recently invested a huge amount in purchasing BTC using the Coinbase platform
  • With the adoption of doge in several exchanges, its public priority is slowly rising in a positive direction

Elon Musk, the CEO of the giant tech industry, Tesla, is a die-hard fan of the world of cryptocurrencies. He wants the exchange platform of Coinbase to list out the cryptocurrency based on memes. By removing their policy of not allowing Doge. When an enthusiast posted on Twitter asking Elon Musk if he thinks that Coinbase should enable the access of Doge to its customers. He had replied with a big yes followed by an exclamation that showed how eagerly Musk wants to witness this amendment by Coinbase. He made this comment on Twitter this Saturday. 

Musks concern for the amendment

If Coinbase allows the listing of dogecoin, it will create a whole new opportunity for dogecoin to go public and become a brand new breed of investors, thus unleashing its actual potential in the market, with proper backing. This particular exchange is regulated by the U.S is considered to be very much similar to the institutional investing bodies, having a higher net worth of individuals. Tesla had used the platform of Coinbase to make its greatest purchases of all time in the domain of cryptocurrency by buying $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin. This very incident has led to a surge in the prices of BTC. Musk has grown a very keen interest in closely monitoring the happenings in the crypto market, not only because of its high levels of volatility but also its unexpectedly higher levels of returns. 

Increasing adoptation of DOGE

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As per the data from the press time, it has been recorded that dogecoin is making a 6.7% of profit every 24 hours, which is a remarkable outcome. In January alone, the dogecoin prices had surged over 600%, and cumulatively it had risen by a value of 1130% in this year so far. Despite so much increase, BTC is still ahead of it by a value of 100%. As we witnessed the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments for tickets by the famous basketball team, Dallas Mavericks, the adoptation and usage of Doge has increased and is increasing in the past few weeks. 

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