Xangle’s survey revealed that 72% of U.S investors plan to invest in DeFi

This year 72% of U.S investors plan to invest in Defi
  • A survey by Xangle revealed that a major chunk of the accredited investors have a plan in investing in DeFi
  • The majority of investors mentioned that lack of regulations is the key cause in holding back the investors from investing in the firms
  • With the pandemic setting in, the activities in the domain of DeFi has increased several folds

As per recent surveys, the trends of the accredited investors in the United States market are keenly targeting the DeFi domain of the crypto market. Results of the surveys show that a majority of these investors have a plan towards investing in the domain of DeFi in this ongoing year. According to one of the most well-known surveying groups, Xangle has performed surveys of over 379 such accredited investors. Out of these 379, around 67% were found to have some basic knowledge about DeFi. As per their survey inputs, these investors mentioned that with the passing times and the market dynamics, they had developed a growing interest in the crypto domain over the past year. 

The outcomes of the survey reports

Around 72.2% of the surveyed individual investors had mentioned a very likely chance that they would invest in the market of DeFi within the next 12 months. After that, the remaining 17.5% of investors have answered in a somewhat likely phase to invest in DeFi, as per the research. Along with that, other reports disclose the fact that, with the pandemic taking a toll, the investment number has increased since then. As per the reports on the United States’ accredited investors, around 70% of them have invested in bitcoin over the past few months. As quoted by Xangle, the surveyed investors seemed to be looking at BTC as a store value that will yield higher returns in the future. These returns would either be a short-term one or by holding and buying. 

The respondent’s major point of views

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The survey also disclosed that respondents still feel a lack of regulations as far as the protection of the customers is concerned in the crypto domain. As per 78% of the survey respondents, regulations should be levied to protect the investors’ investments and safeguard them. The survey report added that the major reason for the investors holding back from making investments in crypto is this lack of regulations to safeguard and protect the investors’ security. They have also mentioned that a lack of education and awareness in and around the industry is also an important drawback. 

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