Bitcoin surpassing by 230% while comparing with crypto units

BTC becomes the best performing asset of all times
  • Bitcoin has broken all the high price records and is leading the crypto domain
  • Data analysts have recorded a 900% in the price of BTC over the past decade
  • Compared to other domains, crypto has witnessed the greatest levels of volatilities and a higher rate of returns

Over the past decade, Bitcoin (BTC) has surpassed all other existing assets’ prices by more than ten folds. We have been witnessing the increasing prices of BTC, which hit a $60,000 mark, and have also witnessed several market tycoons investing in this blockchain. Due to the surprising returns that the crypto market provides and the interesting ups and downs in its market values, the investors of larger and smaller scales have created a huge level of interest in participating in the cryptocurrency market. Charlie Bilello, the CEO and founder of the compound Capital Advisors, had pointed out this data from his study. He had compiled all the asset data using the Ycharts and came to this conclusion over the unimaginable growth of BTC in the past decade by a value of almost 900%.

Bitcoin surpassing all other stocks

Roberto Talamas, a Messari researcher, has responded to Charlie Bilello’s findings, stating that Bitcoin had produced an annual rate of return of over 230% on average. This sums up to more than ten folds higher than any of the rank 2 asset classes in the crypto market. With an annual return rate of 20%, the Nasdaq of the US ranked in the second position after Bitcoin. This was followed by the U.S’s large capital shares, which has reported a 14% return annually, followed by the small capital shares reporting a 12.9% annual return. The price of the most precious metal, Gold, had fallen by around 8.5%, which led to a return rate of just 1.5% annually since 2021 began. 

BTC is skyrocketing since the beginning of 2021

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Since the year 2011, the cumulative price gains of Bitcoin have summed up to an overwhelming amount of 20 million per cent, which is unimaginable. The best-performing year for Bitcoin was 2013. During this period, the blockchain had gained over 5507%. In the ongoing year 2021, the prices of BTC has surged by 108%, which has paved its way to reaching its all-time high price of $61,500. This data was recorded this Sunday, March 14, 2021, setting a bitcoin record price. Experts have this belief the prices of bitcoin will keep on increasing in the coming days.

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Ritika Sharma
Ritika Kumari Sharma is an Economics Honors graduate from the University of Calcutta. She is completely into finance and believes that cryptocurrencies are the future. She is an enthusiast learner about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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