Jack Dorsey first-ever tweet has been sold for around 1630 ETH

Twitter CEO's first-ever NFT tweet sold for $2.9M
  • The first-ever tweet of Jack Dorsey has been sold for 1630.5825601 ETH worth $2.9 million
  • Sina Estavi, the CEO of a Tron-affiliated firm, is the winner of the auction for Jack’s tweet
  • Estavi claims that the tweet has value, like the Mona Lisa painting

Jack Dorsey, the chief executive officer of Twitter, had erupted an auction of its first-ever NFT tweet earlier this month. The CEO is known as the advocate of Bitcoin and also invests in blockchain startups. Jack’s first-ever tweet on his platform that was tweeted back in 2006 was auctioned as an NFT on Valuables’ platform, a platform by Cent. However, on Tuesday, the tweet was announced to be sold for more than $2 million worth of ETH tokens.

NFT tweet of Jack Dorsey is sold for around 1630 ETH

The first bid on the NFT tweet of Jack Dorsey was made back in December last year by @TheGaoisCxn, for just $1. This month, Jack tweeted regarding the auction, which brought a higher bid worth $2.5 million by @sinaEstavi. Sina Estavi was known as the CEO of a Tron-affiliated firm entitled Bridge Oracle. Moreover, Sina Estavi only won the bid for Jack’s first-ever tweet in exchange for 1630.5825601 Ethereum (ETH) worth $29,15,835 at the time of sale.

CEO will not receive full proceeds of his tweet

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It is known that Jack Dorsey will not receive the full sales amount. Instead, Jack will only receive 95% of the proceeds. Indeed, the remaining 5% of the entire proceeds are expected to be taken by Cent, the social media network built on blockchain, and Valuables’ platform. After the sale, Dorsey has plans to convert the proceeds in Bitcoin and donate them to the Give Directly’s Africa Response fund.

Why did Estavi value the tweet this much?

After the tweet’s purchase, the buyer Estavi will be receiving a digitally signed and verified certificate. Further, he will be receiving metadata of the original tweet, including the information of the tweet. According to Estavi, the tweet is not just a tweet, and he expects that after a few years, individuals will realize the true value of the tweet. Moreover, he compared the tweet with the painting of the Mona Lisa. 

We can observe how the sales of tweets and digital art as an NFT are getting mainstream. Moreover, several Social Media experts deemed that NFT tweets and NFT arts’ sales will get more popular in the coming years.

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