Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been undervalued by Bitcoiners

A logical individual/entity will always prefer Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Cash is considered more feasible than Bitcoins as a means of exchange
  • BCH is a fixed version where all the vulnerabilities and features have been fixed, which BTC lacks
  • BCH is expected to be preserving the P2P ecosystem and giving the cryptosphere another opportunity to buy BCH who missed buying BTC in 2013

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a hard fork of the cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, has been observed plunging. Many consider that BCH has a higher value but lower price, which offers a long-term investment opportunity. However, no individual/entity will ever prefer to pay higher transaction fees for a slower unreliable service that is provided by Bitcoins. Also, an alternative is present with faster speed and lower transaction fees. Moreover, BCH has many unique advantages in comparison to the world’s most famous cryptocurrency.

How Bitcoin Cash benefits more than BTC?

Although Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin, it is the better version of the flagship cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has a vulnerability that increases the risk of double-spending. Moreover, the vulnerability also once helped hackers launder $15k worth of BTC tokens. However, the vulnerability has been fixed in BCH, which makes it a more secure payment method. 

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On the other side, the advantage of using digital currencies over traditional payment methods is low transaction fees. However, due to a lack of blockchain scalability, Bitcoin’s transaction fees are too high and continuing to increase. Where the block size of Bitcoin is limited to 1MB, BCH is currently at 32x with no limitations. This means the forked version can handle the transaction volume of PayPal. 

Simultaneously, BCH has other advantages too, where Bitcoins lack. Such benefits include supply scarcity, improved transaction confirmation time, and higher merchant adoption.

BCH is preserving the Peer-To-Peer digital revolution

Many in the cryptosphere are bugs who don’t want the P2P cash system to succeed. Following this fact, Bitcoin Cash advocates deem that it is the cryptocurrency preserving the digital monetary revolution. Many have witnessed how the BTC community members who raised their voices got banned back before the fork of the BCH network. Profit-making organizations silenced many entities, individuals, and few developers from Bitcoin’s core development team. 

In the current scenario, if we observe both BTC and BCH, it is crystal clear that BTC is enjoying the first-mover advantage. As BTC came to the world with a unique technology behind it, everyone ignored where the token is lacking. Furthermore, many experts and advocates of BCH consider that the advantage will not allow BTC to last longer. Also, BCH has often been considered an opportunity for users who missed the chance to purchase BTC in 2013.

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Ahtesham Anis
Ahtesham Anis is a Computer Science undergrad student currently based out of India. Coming from the business background and his keen interest in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is what Ahtesham brings to the table. He is always an eager learner when it comes to exploring the new technologies and topics in the crypto world.

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