Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem develops into a hub for employment opportunities

Employment search portals highlight enormous job opportunities in the advancing crypto space
  • The crypto industry is swarming with jobs, and the number of firms hiring is astonishing
  • A survey highlights that there are 1,970 jobs at one’s disposal under the search section of the title bitcoin
  • Blockchain and crypto-related jobs are sustaining themselves all across the world in possibly every major city

The coronavirus’s repercussions and the consequential lockdowns led to several individuals losing their employment. However, most of these individuals are possibly unaware that the crypto industry is swarming with jobs, and the number of firms hiring is astonishing. 

Specifics of the crypto-related job opportunities 

For example, a survey highlights 1,970 jobs at one’s disposal under the bitcoin’s search section. The figure of employment opportunities surges to 2,989 jobs if they add the term blockchain to the search column.

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The jobs listed on’s imply that employers are opening up primary positions for hiring like chief technology officers (CTO), compliance officers, client services associates, along with the basic ones like developers, product assessors, investment advisors, brokers, journalists, copywriters, social media associates, public relations and more. Companies are employing entities like Einstein AI, Crypto Transport, Black Pen Recruitment, Square Inc., and Flipside Crypto.

The mainstream online job search portal notes around 824 jobs using the term bitcoin and around 4,589 jobs below the search option for blockchain.’s search engine job opportunities emerge from patrons like Bitcoin of America, Kraken, Binance, Bitcoin IRA, and Energi. 

Job profiles available on provide users with notable career choices like sales managers, intelligence data analysts, brand designers, software engineers, over-the-counter (OTC) options traders, social media associates, research analysts, product assessors, brokers, and more.

Freelancer gigs on significant networks

Some significant freelancer gigs are also available with websites such as,,, and Freelance for Coins. The portal facilitates people to employ the topmost freelancers for any job and remunerate them in crypto mediums like bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin (BTC).

Blockchain and crypto-related jobs sustain themselves all across the world in possibly every major city. Moreover, there are numerous employment opportunities tied up with blockchain and bitcoin where individuals can earn a living to a certain extent and work from home.

Besides, the crypto-tech network offers people a distinctive perspective on what the future holds in the context of money. There are good numbers of jobs available on The platform is looking for a news editor, a talent acquisition and engagement head, an email marketing manager, a financial analyst, and many more.

While and hold a total of 10,372 job opportunities tied to the search columns of bitcoin and blockchain, Google searches constitute a whole lot more. The term bitcoin jobs on the Google search network shows around 93,600,000 results, while blockchain jobs give about 151,000,000 results.

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Ritika Sharma
Ritika Kumari Sharma is an Economics Honors graduate from the University of Calcutta. She is completely into finance and believes that cryptocurrencies are the future. She is an enthusiast learner about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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