What is Cajutel? A beginners Guide

Cajutel forecats a growth of 100X for upcoming days
  • Cajutel is a Guinea-Bissau company with an aim to provide low-cost telecommunication services in West Africa.
  • Cajutel is based on the Ethereum Platform with a circulating supply of 1,352,389 CAJ.In contrast, CAJ price has seen a jump of 550% since its inception.

What Is Cajutel?

Cajutel is a cryptocurrency with a vision to facilitate effective communication irrespective of geography, distance, time, or complexity. It aims to provide high-speed Internet at an effective cost to Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone people. The problem with these countries is that the Internet here is ten times costlier than in other places. Caj aims to remove this disparity and bring the world closer.

How Does Cajutel Work?

Cajutel’s mission is” To provide mobile internet subscribers in Guinea-Bissau with a never before seen with a feature-rich platform of mobile broadband services.” It aims to increase its asset in these countries while building mobile towers and making a customer base. The team knows that they don’t have to make mistakes like other telecommunication services. So they are increasing their volume at a slow and steady pace to meet the required demand.

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They will use the latest 4G technology in its cell station. Every cell station will be equipped with a 48V power supply, A ethernet switch, and fiber-to-tower links in later stages. It aims to give a guaranteed bandwidth of 5.4Mbps per customer and a peak up to 270Mbps in the later stage.

Cajutel has also identified a small business group and youth to give free phones. This will help spread good word of mouth for the project and make it reach a wide variety of customers.

Will Cajutel Be A Good Investment For The Future?

Cajutel had an ICO in July 2017 and has never looked back ever since. Since its inception, the token has seen a gain of more than 550%. The working model of CAJ relies on its customer satisfaction which they have surpassed their exception. It will also provide a dividend of more than $13, pushing the price to new heights.

So the answer to the question is” Yes.”It can be a huge multi-bagger for anybody’s portfolio.

Where Can You Buy Cajutel?

Cajutel has a total circulating supply of 1,352,389. It is currently listed on the Mecatrox exchange, where one can buy it. One can do a technical analysis of the Cajutel on Cointrader.com. Coin market cap can also provide sufficient data on price levels to buy. Cajutel can be held on an Electroneum wallet which costs meager transaction fees.


The Internet has become the necessity of today’s world. Despite this necessity, countries in West Africa are untouched by these. Cajutel aims to remove this disparity and bring the whole world together with effective communication.

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