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StormGain CEO on Should New Traders Step into the Vast Crypto Market?

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  • With only 1 in a 1000 people having cryptocurrencies, the distribution level is just 0.01%, which leaves lots of scope for future development
  • People now are willing to try cryptocurrencies; they just need time to understand it better
  • Althausen’s StormGain expects at least 2-2.5 million new users to be registered by the end of the second quarter of 2021

Cryptocurrency trade is a bizarre business, which is as complex as it is simple. The crypto-boom has introduced oceans of people to the digital currency market. But there are still lots out there who do want to participate but have their doubts. Like, isn’t the time already up? Can they even still join now? Will that be any good? And if you are one of them, don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Friday, in an interview with BeInCrypto, the all-in-one crypto platform with zero commission, StormGain’s CEO, Alexander Althausen, cleared up the hesitation surrounding cryptocurrencies and also shared his views on its future.

Cryptocurrency & their Huge Development Potential

The Chief Executive Officer of one of the most successful crypto trading platforms, Althausen, has vast experience in the fintech sphere and immense market knowledge. According to him, with the recent market cap exceeding $2 trillion, the overall cryptocurrency market has seen impressive growth. And “with only one in 1,000 people having cryptocurrencies now,” the distribution level is just 0.01%, indicating a “huge” development potential. With Bitcoins and altcoins, the ground is vast, and there’s still more to include.

Signification of 2020 interest-surge in DeFi & NFT

The two crypto segments that witnessed a strong interest surge in 2020 are DeFi and NFTs. For one, the CEO agrees that DeFi is risk-oriented, but he also thinks “DeFi has a lot of growth potential.” And for NFT, he associates the interest surge in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to people’s willingness to work with crypto. He said the concept of NFT is relatively easier for people to understand; the owner has a possession to back the value, which isn’t the case with cryptocurrencies. Yet it shows they are willing to try; they just need time to understand.

Bitcoin Growth with Crypto Growth

Evident by the above-mentioned cases, Althausen said, “the increasing influence of cryptocurrencies in the world is obvious,” and going by “the current market share and turnover” the increasing crypto-popularity can easily raise Bitcoin “by more than 1,000 times.” He then predicted Bitcoin’s price to reach $150,000 by 2025.

StormGain: “a service with several advantages”

The Bitcoin spikes had a significant impact on StormGain’s customers too. Going by the stats, the first quarter of 2021 brought in a million new client registrations, and April has already exceeded 700,000. The firm expects “at least 2-2.5 million new users” by the end of the second quarter. After all, providing “a service with several advantages,” StormGain isn’t the best in its field for nothing!

Along with a trading platform, they also offer an in-app miner, a $50,000 demo account for newbies to test before deciding to join the market, a wide range of tutorials to help with “the intricacies” of crypto-trade, daily supply of cryptocurrency trading signals and a “Refer a Friend program” so the user can earn “income from their friends’ mining results.” An all-in-one package.

Althausen shared his Wisdom with Newcomers

Answering the most awaited question of the session, on whether or not there’s still time for people to join, Alexander Althausen said, “cryptocurrency is still in its infancy,” soon enough, it won’t be “a privilege or choice” but become a part of everyday life. So hit when the iron is still hot, “this is precisely the time” for one to “get ahead in the game.” Addressing the aspiring “new traders” he advised “not to be afraid” and try different areas with different instruments. In case of doubt, he even suggested they refer to StormGain-availed tutorials to “learn basic technical analysis” and “methods of building trading strategies.”

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