Coinsbit And TCN Announce Their Partnership Listing TCN Token

  • Tech Token Network is happy to introduce their partnership with Coinsbit exchange.
  • Now, TCN holders can trade their coins with BTC, TRX, and USDT trading pairs.
  • The experts predict the price of TCN tokens to reach $7 by 2025.
  • TCN lists their tokens on JustSwap, Coinsbit and the subsequent seven exchanges are set to sign the contract.

Tech token network (TCN) introduced its native coin to build a fungible asset and smart contract for financial business operations and settlement activities. Currently, it is one of the latest tokens making waves in the cryptocurrency market.

Tech Token Network and Coinsbit Exchange in a Partnership

TCN is a blockchain project working on the Tron ecosystem to set an exceptional example in the world of crypto. Since its development, the platform holds a total supply of $270 million with a potential volume and high demand rate.

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The company claims to list its Tron-based token on seven different exchange platforms where JustSwap is already on their list. Coinsbit is the second centralized exchange to list TCN tokens and officially go live by May 10, 2021. The other five exchanges are ready to set up a contract with TCN agreement to initiate trading.

We have disclosed our plans on various blockchain applications TCNBox, development factors, decentralized finance protocols for staking and yielding Tron, etc. The team intends to serve clients and explore the areas which can drive incredible assistance.

About TCN and Coinsbit

We choose the best for our user, facilitating satisfying services and offers affordable to every trader. The Coinsbit is a centralized crypto exchange introduced in August 2018, supporting over 10,000 trades per second.

The similarity between TCN and Coinsbit exchange platform provides 24*7 customer support services improvising better trades. Both the firms are reliable, transparent, secure, offer an excellent user interface and high-performing platforms.

With this partnership, our company will attract a worldwide audience and reach an exclusive daily turnover. This tie-up will enable traders to trade BTC, TRX, and USDT pairs to profit from the basic yet most used trading pairs.

After much deliberation, this partnership will be beneficial for the company because:

1) Traders who invest in the free coins can earn in the exchange staking pool.

2) Coinsbit has high protection features with means that your digital asset is entirely safe.

3) While trading, the exchange asks for only a 0.2% trading fee for the investment.

4) Buying and Selling digital assets on Coinsbit is easy, safe, fast, and reliable.

5) Users can also exchange and swap cryptocurrencies with no fear.

Why Coinsbit?

After the development, TCN tokens hold their market value pegged at 1TRX~3TCN, which is also equivalent to 1USD~0.005739ETH on the digital asset market. It also offers a low trading fee of 0.2% of the amount you decide to trade with no commission or confirmation charges.

So far, TCN has received many reviews, which sounds good and excellent. Also, we are selecting the best crypto exchange according to the criteria standard and calculative measures. The partnered platform is working on the development of the P2P features to enable faster service for traders.

On Facebook, Coinsbit has made an official announcement about its partnership with TCN, where its token will go live by May 10, 2021. After it was launched on April 19, 2021, wherein declared India’s biggest Airdrop of 2000 TCN tokens (~$200). Moreover, this has been Coinsbit latest innovation to note down.

Our platform will get great benefits from the recent release as TCN users can enjoy an easy and free trade with Bitcoin, Tron, and Tether. Over 90% of digital currencies can be stored on this exchange, giving users the privilege to make wide choices of assets.

Moreover, this platform is EU-licensed with a daily trading volume of about $1.5 billion along with 150,000 active traders. They also offer a high processing speed with 10,000 traders all over the world per second. Coinsbit also has a unique feature- a firewall web application for security purposes that detect and block attacks.

Your assets are secure with us. We are aiming to make trading easy, comfortable, and simple for users and corporate bodies. Our project is developed to meet customers’ maximum satisfaction while trading. TCN will be the next big thing, and it’s here to stay!

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