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Crypto contributions worth $325K accepted by CI


  • Crypto contributions by ELONGATE is easing the sufferings of millions globally
  • The community has recently made $251,000 worth of crypto contributions that are expected to change the lives of 500 youths globally
  • ELONGATE had also contributed its first charitable donation to CI, which helped many children and families to survive in the pandemic

Crypto contributions worth $325K from ELONGATE have been accepted by Children International (CI). ELONGATE is the latest crypto community that is inspired by Elon Musk’s tweet. In contrast, CI is a global organization that helps children break the cycle of poverty. It is known that the latest donations accepted by Children International will benefit youth scholarships for college and vocational training. Simultaneously, the funds will also be used in emergencies for children and families coping with the pandemic.

Crypto Contributions helped CI to change the lives of youths

In a podcast live-streamed this weekend, Susana Eshleman, the president and CEO of CI, thanked the ELONGATE community. According to Susana, ELONGATE has recently made $251K worth of crypto contribution, which can be quickly cashed out in dollars. 

The latest raised funds will help the organization to change the lives of 500 youths globally. CI will help youths with HOPE scholarship and Employment scholarships programs. And the scholarships will offer post-secondary education for college or vocational training.

Receiving the donations, Susana stated that all those children need a chance for someone to care about them. And the funds will help them fundamentally change their lives. And due to the big heart of ELONGATE’s community, five hundred young individuals will be able to change their lives.

ELONGATE had also helped CI with its first donation

When Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, pledged to allot his half fortune to charity, the ELONGATE crypto project began. Since its establishment, the community has become a community of more than 100K crypto holders. 

Soon after the community was established, it chose CI as the recipient of its first charitable donations. At the time, the ELONGATE community made $75K worth of crypto contributions to the organization, which was used to direct CI’s Emergency Community Fund

With the Emergency Community Fund, CI has helped children and families living in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. According to Laura Thornton, the vice president of CI, they are thankful to the ELONGATE community for both contributions. Hence, a project like the ELONGATE can change the face of philanthropy and make giving a way of life in the modern generation.


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