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Interview with HashMax’s Co-Founder Young Ho Kim and COO Stephanie Chen

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HashMax is working to bring a revolution
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HashMax, founded in 2018, is the first among mining service providers that have emerged with the rise of cloud hosting. 

HashMax aims to bring easier mining access to its global audience with its mining packages. Hashcube, the parent firm of HashMax, seeks to offer an even better mining experience to its users with continued development and improvement of its mining services.

Haseeb Qureshi, the host of The Coin Republic, had an interview with HashMax’s Co-Founder, Young Ho Kim, and Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Chen recently. 

In the interview, Kim discussed the idea behind the creation of HashMax:

He said, “When Hashcube began mining operations, it was one of the early birds in the industry. Facing few limitations, the firm expanded to China. When we expanded to China, we found an opportunity of industrializing mining services to the global users with benefits.”

Crypto mining sectors need more investment

The Crypto mining sector is helping the world to transact and hold crypto assets. Cryptocurrency miners help users receive such assets in their wallets by verifying the transactions and signing blocks. 

Cryptocurrencies are getting mainstream attention in the current scenario. Hence, as digital will get more mainstream, the mining sector will get more profitable. 

Following the situation, bigger enterprises are entering the market. With more enterprises, the competition in the mining sector is also soaring, which is considered suitable for the industry. 

Increasing competition ultimately eliminates the power of few firms manipulating the market by monopolizing the mining and electricity market.

 According to Kim, the most significant change required in the market is the acknowledgment of more investment:

“A significant change is required, and that is an acknowledgment of mining investment. Mining is authoritatively investing in cryptocurrencies. What makes it better than just buying cryptocurrency from exchanges is that the miners could continuously generate them into your wallet like income. Mining is an alternative way to invest in cryptocurrency.”

HashMax brings uniqueness in the sector

HashMax, along with its parent firm HashCube has taken multiple steps to revolutionize the mining industry. In the latest development, the firm is working to create a decentralized platform for anyone interested in mining. Cloud mining packages and hosting services offered by the firm are hassle-free procedures. What makes the firm unique is that it doesn’t require much commitment and paperwork. 

Thus with convenience, the firm is offering competitive packages and efficient procedures. According to Stephanie: “HashMax is offering a one-point mining solution to its clients having all mining models.”

In recent developments, Hashmax is working to develop a new project called TPIDA. The project is expected to be the first crypto-friendly accommodation sharing economy in Thai. The project is supported by blockchain technology, and HashMax will accept their token created by TPIDA.

Following the mining scenario that is getting more profitable, the firm has also recently launched a lottery system. The system is expected to help the winners to purchase their products at lower prices. Moreover, the system will help customers to use cloud mining products and participate in cryptocurrencies.

 Stephanie explained: “We recently just launched a lottery system, and I think it’s also a very interesting service for our customer since mining price has increased a lot as Bitcoin mining has become extremely profitable. So that is why we came up with this lottery system. It is an opportunity for users to win a miner or even our cloud mining package at a low price from $30 to $50. So, the final winner will be selected by our system at the end, and also it will help promote our service to current users.”

China is the perfect crypto mine for miners

Although the firm is working hard to achieve its goal, there are few challenges that the firm is facing. Among the obstacles, the major one is the possibility of government interventions. To solve such issues, the firm registered itself in Singapore and operated in China. 

According to Kim: “The challenge that HashMax is facing is the possibility of government interventions in China. To counter it, we are expanding to be more stable. We are building connections with global users for utilities operating in China. Cheap manufacturers of hardware located in China are an advantage. The company is licensed in China and registered in Singapore.”

HashMax is working to bring a revolution, and following the firm’s strategies, it seems that it will soon achieve its goal. The firm’s current mining products are helping individuals create mining opportunities at a better hash rate. Simultaneously, the firm is stabilizing the hash rate no matter what it offers to the users at a fixed hash rate for cloud mining.

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