Solanium Selects 1,000 Winning Tickets to Reward the Lucky Lottery Winners

Decentralized Platform, Solanium Is Organizing A Public Sale For Lucky Lottery Winners
  • Solanium selected 1,000 winning tickets to reward the lucky lottery winners
  • Starting today, participants with verified ID get 24 hours to fill their allocations
  • The minimum purchase amount is 1 SOL at a transaction fee of 0.0001 SOL per transaction

The Solana blockchain-based decentralized platform Solanium has organized a public sale for lucky lottery winners to earn an undisclosed amount of tokens at the end of the event. 

Solana’s Solanium

Solanium is designed as an all-in-one solution for Solana, with an integrated wallet, DEX, and transaction management. The platform will introduce decentralized fundraising, time-weighted token staking, and governance voting to the Solana ecosystem claims the official website. Giving utmost priority to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), Solanium aims to onboard new users to the Solana ecosystem. One such fetching event is the latest airdrop and Solanium Public Sale.

Solanium Public Sale

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Published Thursday, their blog warns against several fake groups, websites, and channels, assuring Solanium won’t ask for funds through Telegram and to only trust their official website and social media sources.

Of all the participants registered during the whitelist lottery registration period, from May 7 to 14, the team selected and announced 1,000 winning tickets on May 17. To participate in the public sale, the winning ticket holders were given 3 days to verify their identity; 48 participants did not pass the verification, and thus their tickets got forfeited. The team then picked 48 new winning tickets on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. UTC, who had until the start of Round 1, Friday noon UTC, to complete verification.

Timeline Of The Sale

The event timeline has been divided into 9 steps, of which the remaining are as follows:

Round 1: 

Starting May 21 at noon UTC, winning ticket holders with verified ID will get 24 hours to fill their allocations. The purchase form is available at the bottom of the whitelist page. 

Round 2:

Following the first round allocation, participants will be eligible for the 6 hours long Round 2, starting May 22 at 2:00 p.m. UTC. All unfilled allocations from Round 1 will be divided among the Round 2 candidates. 

Token Distribution:

Token distribution for both the airdrop and public sale will be on May 23, automatically appearing in the recipients’ wallets.

Trading / Listing:

Token trade in the SOL/SLIM trading pair will begin on May 23 on Raydium. The exact time and link have yet to be disclosed. 

Some Necessary Details 

The event isn’t a first-come-first-served; all allocations in Round 1 are reserved for 24 hours and 6 hours for Round 2. So the participants are encouraged to tread at their own pace; after the wallet-side transaction confirmation, one is advised to wait for it to confirm on-chain. Only lottery winners can participate in the sale; winning tickets can be found and confirmed on their website:

The sale only accepts Solana (SOL) tokens, which will equate to $42 per coin. The minimum purchase amount is 1 SOL at a transaction fee of 0.0001 SOL per transaction. So ensure that the wallet has enough SOL to make the purchase; it can be bought on FTX or MXC and then withdrawn to the wallet. 

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Ritika Sharma
Ritika Kumari Sharma is an Economics Honors graduate from the University of Calcutta. She is completely into finance and believes that cryptocurrencies are the future. She is an enthusiast learner about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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