Bongweed is rapidly moving to achieve its final goal

Making the efforts to legalize Cannabis: Bongweed

Bongweed is the first community-driven DeFi project based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project has been established to fight for the cause of making Cannabis legal in the eyes of the law. Moreover, it also has launched its token BWC, which will soon be available to trade on the WhteBit exchange.

Bongweed coin is the first cryptocurrency empowered Cannabis Legalization movement. It was created for people looking to support Bongweed purpose, all while being providing incentives through yields. It is the first community-driven weed coin with one goal only to promote and achieve the legalization of worldwide Cannabis. However, following the roadmap of the token, it seems the project still has a long way to walk.

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“Achieving worldwide legalization seems like a shot to the moon, but that is without a doubt what cryptocurrency can do to empower activists like us, like you.”

BongWeedCoin is listed on CoinMarketCap

The roadmap of BonWeedCoin is on continuous revision, and we have developed various steps for this. The improvements are coming in all spectrum of ideas that the community contributes that are in line with the purpose of Bongweed. The marketing arsenal of the project is soaring as the firm moves from investing in ads to partnering with key influencers to propagate their cause to the world. As per the firm’s roadmap, the firm planned to launch the coin on a few popular platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinCheck in Q3 2021.

Notably, the project has continued its rapid growth. In recent developments, BongWeedCoin (BWC) has been listed on CoinMarketCap. Since BWC got listed on such a popular platform, it has gained a significant amount of traction. Moreover, the total market capitalization of the project surged from $350k to $950k in just a day. The team behind the project stated that they are going to surge more till the project is worth billions of dollars.

About Bongweed

Bongweed is a unique project explicitly created to help empower the cannabis industry. The project aims to work with legislators, lobbyists, and activists to create a managed framework where decent quality cannabis would be accessible and liberated from any tarnishment that will ultimately prompt less mortality. From designing merch to developing bonds and partnerships with other organizations is the core focus of the firm. The overall mission and vision of the company stand close to the activist movement of Bongweed.

About BongWeedCoin

BongWeedCoin will help the project being a community-driven coin. For each transaction, users will be charged 10% tax. Moreover, the token holders will be able to receive a 5% reward for every transaction tax. And liquidity providers will be able to earn another 5% of the transaction tax to ensure fast and safe trading.

We can learn more about Bongweed on its official website, and we can purchase BWC tokens from the Public Pre-Sale event. Reach out to the team working behind on Telegram or Twitter.

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