Space tussle up among Elon and BitMex

Elon Musk and BitMex are having a tussle and are all set to launch their cryptos outside the world. This space war is not going to stop anytime soon as they are equipped to launch their favourite cryptos on the moon first. 

Space race doesn’t seem to stop for civilians as well. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. and BitMex, both are brewing up for a space race as they want to launch their products outside of the world. 

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Both the parties are set to launch their crypto of choice to the literal moon first. The popular crypto derivatives exchange, BitMex is following suit as it announces to support space robotics firm Astrobotic Technology. The company’s mission is to send its first commercial lander to the moon during Q4 2020.

This is one of the first missions that aims to be one of its kind where a private company, government, academia, industry and international partners goes to the lunar surface. 

The moon mission

BitMex is planning to send one of its kind physical bitcoin (BTC) to the moon’s surface. Calling Musk as a dogecoin protagonist BitMex does not have anything against dog money. It was only right to help bitcoin get there first. 

The announcement is a result of Musk’s news in early May that SpaceX is planning to launch a dogecoin funded payload on one of its first rockets to the moon, saying that Dogecoin (DOGE) will become the first cryptocurrency to reach lunar orbit next year. 

When Musk found out about the mission of BitMex, he wrote on Twitter that a new space race had begun. In his tweet, several of his followers said that DOGE should make its mark first on the moon. Others believe that there are more issues on the earth that one’s choice of the crypto token will be the first to enter the orbit of another celestial body. 

Wild imagination

The imagination of the people is becoming wild nowadays. Some projects are exploring the utility of establishing crypto infrastructure from space and go wild with imagination, unlike Musk’s dogecoin expedition.

The company that has been the first in pioneering the use of crypto satellites, Blockstream launched the satellite to broadcast bitcoin transactions from space in August 2017. 

In 2020, Robonomics and Kusama have announced that they are planning to develop an interplanetary architecture that is capable of relaying data between Mars and Earth using the Kusama network. 

Another company, CryptoSat has planned to launch its nano-satellite into space in November 2017 whitepaper. The satellite will be operated as an isolated cryptographic module from orbit. The team at CryptoSat has planned to launch it this year before sending it into orbit. 

Spacechain was launched in 2017and has deployed the nodes in orbit successfully. In 2021, the project has announced that Ethereum payload will be installed on the international space station aboard a SpaceX rocket. 

The Musk effect

Elon Musk’s DOGE-1 mission which is all set to launch by 2022 will see a 40 kilogram cubesat launch on a rideshare falcon 9 rocket to the moon in the first quarter of 2022. It will have lunar spatial intelligence from sensors and cameras on board with integrated communications and computational capabilities. SpaceX will be launching this along with Geometric Energy Corporation and will make Doge a powerful account for lunar business in the space sector. 

Dogecoin was formed in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The two software engineers launched doge as a joke but later it became a prominent cryptocurrency. The Doge-1 mission is like a digital art to the moon. 

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