Actress Mila Kunis launches an NFT project; 5 minute video animation called Stoner Cats

  • Mila Kunis announced the release of a cat animation that will be sold via NFT
  • Actress researched upon cryptocurrency before getting into the market
  • More women and artists involvement should be focused on 

Non fungible tokens, Decentralized Finance, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are some of the terms that every market enthusiast wants to get familiar with. While there was a soar in the number of Covid cases in the pandemic, the world also faced an increase in the digital assets operations across nations. 

Even actresses are entering the crypto market after getting an idea of the concepts and finding it interesting as well. 

Actress Mila Kunis launches her own NFT project to mark a change in the male dominated market.

Mila Kunis creates her own non fungible token project

Mila Kunis, who is an actress known for That 70’s Show and Family Guy, created an animation with Mack Favelle, who is the founder of Crypto Kitties, and the CryptoPoops NFT creator, Jonathan Howards, that can be bought through a non fungible token (NFT). Mia delved deep into the blockchain, crypto and NFT technology and that resulted in her making a new creation of art. The project is called Stoner Cats and is a 5 minute animation that depicts a group of cats indulging in drinking, marijuana and other smoking substances. California has had a legal framework for using marijuana for recreational purposes from the year 2016. The NFT allows the owner to watch the five minute long entertainment exclusively. 

More women should be a part of the crypto ecosystem, says actress

The new project created by Mila was a result of empowering the crypto space with more women getting involved with the futuristic technology. The actress had been studying the digital financial market for a long time during the Covid 19 pandemic and felt the urge to act upon the female contribution to the same. 

She feels that the middlemen in art should be cut down and the project was an entertainment work along with a social reason behind the fun. Bringing back a sense of ownership to the artists, Mila could be looking at millions being bid for the Stoners Cat animation. Earlier NFTs sold by celebrities easily reached the million mark in a span of minutes. 

The price of the NFT has not been revealed yet but the auction is supposed to be held in the month of July. Stoner Cats was the result of Mila understanding the decentralized market while the pandemic was still persisting. 

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