Expedition proposal for the digital Euro filed by Spanish deputies

CBDC program to be launched within 5 years for financial inclusivity
  • The Bank of Spain will aid the process of digital Euro distribution within Europe
  • ECB still studying the various benefits of a CBDC program and its role in developing the economy 
  • Digitization of the payment system has led to many countries adopting a central bank digital currency program  

A gathering of Spanish representatives documented a suggestion that tries to enhance the process of a digital euro. The proposition, introduced on June 8, requests the making of a consortium to consider the execution of digital cash in the Eurozone. 

Although ECB continues to evaluate the future prospects of a digital Euro, the Bank of Spain will lead the charge of distributing it. The no law proposal will help expedite the process followed by pilot projects for all citizens.  

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The Bank of Spain would help this central bank digital currency study bunch in this undertaking. The committee ordained will review the benefits of digital currency and its safety measures that can be improved. 

Growth of the financial economy

The advancement of digitized transactions has led many countries to tweak their norms surrounding digital currency. Moreover, private digital currencies will be more prone to outside attacks and will not be traceable. 

A CBDC can be centrally regulated, stored and easily tracked for various purposes. The financial integration across all verticals in the economy will help expedite growth and overall development. 

It is poised to improve the standard of living with mobile phones pioneering the growth of digital currencies. Digitized payments help in faster international payments combined with security and transparency.   

Spain’s role and research behind digital Euro 

It turns out that Spain lacks the resources to gain control of the digital Euro as the ECB will be entitled to its possession. The Spanish authorities are confused as the digital Euro continues to remain under investigation. 

The issue is to be resolved towards the latter part of 2021 as the focus shifts to more explicit factors. The CBDC for the European continent will be out in the market within 5 years with Bahamas, China, Japan and Russia already ahead of them. 

The digital Euro will be created with close supervision from the European Central Bank and the Bank of Spain offering stability to the financial system and the economy. 

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