SafeHamsters – A place for Hamsters to do safe business

Once bitten and twice shy is an adage that fits well for ‘Hamsters.’ It is the name given to newbies who burnt their fingers in cryptocurrency trade and fell victim to scam projects and rate manipulations. An acute need for a safe platform to protect the ‘Hamsters’ was acutely felt. So we have SafeHamsters Set to Launch Planet V.1.0 Involving New DEX and Staking Benefits.

A place to have fun and become rich

SafeHamsters is a global blockchain ecosystem that is unveiling its brand-new SafeHamsters Planet V.1.0. The SafeHamsters token key will perform functions that are unmatched and exclusive to this platform. SafeHamsters is a wee bit different from other DEX because it is based on the principle of ‘Fun & Rich.’ It will become the only blockchain platform that will amalgamate together the most trendy and efficient services to provide a means for becoming rich for each member in the SafeHamsters ecosystem.

SafeHamsters will enable farm staking to generate seeds, and participating hamsters can get their hands on the hourly bonus of farm staking. It will be reflected in the strength of the fighter hamster’s NFT card. Holders will have the option to swap these bonuses for other benefits. Farming directly from the transaction is one of the highlights of SafeHamsters, and the token is burnt once it is spent on the platform via marketplace token.

The basic token has been named The ‘Seed’ and is the staking/farming platform. It will serve a variety of functions, including farm staking mining tokens. Ownership of these NFT cards is guaranteed to increase farm staking. In addition, it will allow the investor to purchase combat.

SafeHamsters Planet ecosystem names HamstersMill with its native token SEED. It is the second basic token from the “Fun&Rich” blockchain ecosystem. Incorporating all the solutions from the DeFi segment in finance it can be put to varied uses like

  • Swapping any token from BSC
  • Creating NFT
  • Staking SafeHamsters
  • Farming SEED token

Use cases of token SEED:

  • Boost farming by burning algorithm
  • Creating your unique Hamster Hero in NFT for battles in NFT Arena (Would be feature)
  • Upgrade your NFT Hamster Hero to growth skills (Would be feature)
  • Governance in votes on the platform (Would be feature)

Exclusive features of token:

  • Burn SEED to create NFT with different % of boost)
  • Create upgradable NFTs for gaming Hamsters Heroes
  • Liquidity pairs with SEED allow you to have the smallest fees foк swap any coins in BSC
  • NFTs and bonuses. This token can be utilized to improve the level of NFT cards for farm staking.

A safe and efficient platform that protects the novice players

The genesis of the name SafeHamsters itself tells the whole story. SafeHamsters is a safe and efficient platform that protects novice players in the crypto arena. It is a platform for secure trading and staking within the bitcoin industry; this is how a company’s spokesperson has described the platform.

The SafeHamsters team, from its inception, had put in a lot of effort to perfect the platform, and steps are on to fine-tune the website, which is still under construction. New updates are continuously added, and the company has also passed the AMA sessions on BIKI and SATOSHI communities. Some trivial issues in the swap are being looked into, and the company is currently in audit with the ‘Smart State.’ Another upcoming second audit is to be conducted by Solidity.

At present, SafeHamsters is in the process of moderation being carried out on advertising and social media networks. Also, the groundwork for tokenomics for farming and staking is in the process. Investors can expect exciting new content, including a list of contests with prizes and gifts for the community members.

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