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MoonBeers release can help the craft beer industry

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MoonBeers Nouns DAO
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  • MoonBeers has been rolled out as the first beer-based cryptocurrency project
  • The venture aims to support the struggling beers industry affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Every 5% of BEERS transactions will be donated to the struggling beer makers and marketing
  • BEERS coin holders can get exclusive beers that the venture has created in partnership with an award-winning brewery

MoonBeers is the first beer-based digital asset. Over the last decade, it is observed that craft beer has seen mainstream popularity. With popularity, the production and growth of the industry have exploded. Notably, such a boom in the industry has helped bring fresh, flavourful, and unique beers to the world. Moreover, the sector opened job and business opportunities to several globally. However, since last year, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of breweries have been impacted. To help the industry at such a challenging time, MoonBeers aimed to support the craft beer sector.

How will MoonBeers support the industry?

MoonBeers has plans to give back to the brewery industry by capitalizing on another flourishing cryptocurrency sector. Such an ingenious idea could open the doors to the new generation of digitally traded beer-based currency. The venture’s main goal is to bring its coin to investors globally and partner with breweries to help them skyrocket.

How will the venture use BEERS coin?

The innovative team of MoonBeers has feasible and lucrative plans to support the craft beer industry. The team feels passionate while branding the mission helping the sector. The venture will use the BEERS coin to capitalize on the industry. Moreover, 5% of each BEERS transaction will be donated to struggling manufacturers and marketing. 

Furthermore, MoonBeers will also feature the stories of such struggling beer makers on its social media profile. Notably, the promotional factor will bring such firms to gain more attention. But, on the other hand, the hodlers of BEERS will be rewarded for each transaction. And 3% of it will be distributed to the investor’s wallets so they can build their beer money fund.

Exclusive beers for BEERS coin holders

The unprecedented beer-based coin has collaborated with an award-winning craft brewery. The collaboration will manufacture the world’s first crypto-beer. The beer will be bought and sold exclusively using BEERS. It Means BEERS hodlers can get such exclusive beer.

Simultaneously, the venture has enlisted the help of family-owned 33 Acres Brewery, which will build a limited run of 72 cases of CryptoBeer. Such cases will be created with a hazy IPA featuring to develop passionfruit, white grapes, and future ale.

According to Colin McIntyre, the founder of MoonBeers, with so many coins soaring, the team wants to take a different approach. Moreover, they want true value off the jump while empowering such a strong craft beer community.

MoonBeers’ approach is more than just a love for the industry

Following the goals and aims of MoonBeers, we can say that the venture is built upon solidarity and a shared goal of helping a struggling industry. The approach is more than just a love for crypto and beers, aiming to create a community. The community of like-minded individuals will help shape the future of BEERS. Indeed, this unique cryptocurrency project was launched this June in Vancouver, Canada.

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