Elon Musk’s Starlink is a recent victim of crypto scam

Active Twitter and Reddit users realized a Bitcoin scam
  • Starlink has been used by malicious hackers to victimize Iranian
  • Hackers duplicated the official website of Starlink to make massive amounts
  • Active social media users realized that crypto scam and found that there was no relation between Starlink and Iran
  • Along with funds, the hackers also took some basic pieces of information about the victims
  • Elon Musk, as a crypto enthusiast, has become one of the most accessible baits of hackers attracting victims

SpaceX creates Starlink to deliver satellite internet access to locations where connectivity has typically been a challenge. The product is popularly known as the satellite internet constellation. Indeed, Elon Musk is the founder of the constellation. Recently, it is known that the constellation has become a victim of some malicious Bitcoin scam. The scam was realized by some of the active users of Reddit and Twitter. Such users also noted some of the red flags from the duplicated Starlink website.

Hackers duplicated the Starlink website

Starlink has become a victim of some malicious crypto scam. The illegal players had duplicated the official website of the constellation. By doing so, the hackers were offering internet services for half of the price to potential customers.

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According to the reports from victims, it is found that the hackers were asking such potential customers to pay $249 as a hardware price and then month-to-month fees of $49 through Bitcoin. Whereas, in reality, Starlink proposes to its clients a hardware fee of $499 and a monthly fee of $99.

Whom did the illicit hackers target?

Elon Musk is having a bigger count of followers globally on social platforms. After he began to pump the prices in the crypto market through his tweets, more users followed him. 

Following the scenario, hackers focused on his followers in Iran, making massive amounts using the duplicate Starlink. Notably, the malicious actors found it easy to attract customers with such sudden announcements in the region. Notably, the victims do not give a second thought as such events related to Bitcoin are every day from Musk.

How was the scam realized?

Some active users on some leading social platforms were the ones who first realized the scam. Such users noted some of the red flags from the duplicate website. However, the major mistake that the hackers made is that Starlink has no connections with Iran. Moreover, Elon Musk has also never announced any relation with Iran.

Hackers also gathered users data

It is also noteworthy that the hackers mentioned that the BTC payments would remain highly confidential to offer the internet in the Persian language. In the first step, the hackers asked the interested candidates to fill a form. The form contained fields for name, email address, and phone number in the first step.

Secondly, the duplicate site followed through separate mail for BTC payments. However, the signup process was entirely different in comparison to the official website.

Musk been facing several scam-related issues

Iran is already facing several issues related to the internet, making it an easy target with Starlink. On the other hand, it is known that the Tesla CEO is already facing several crypto scam related issues. It is known that Musk is an easy target for scammers and hackers for attracting victims. Indeed, it is worth checking all the sites before investing time or money.

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