Zilliqa will roll out an urgent upgrade solving blockchain issues

Zilliqa will launch formal verification tools for verifying systems
  • Zilliqa devs roll out an urgent upgrade to solve large memory consumption on mining nodes issues
  • Since the last upgrade, the network is facing some instability issues
  • The changes will be implemented on a small-scale private network before the large-scale network
  • The Zilliqa devs are planning to introduce formal verification tools
  • The developers are seeking to combine both the complementary tools required for unit tests and formal verification

Zilliqa is the first blockchain network that integrated sharding features. However, recently, the blockchain network is facing significant memory consumption issues. Following the scenario, the senior VP of security and engineering at Zilliqa, Jun Hao Tan, announced that the team is working on an urgent upgrade. Notably, the upgrade attempts to resolve the concerning issue on the mining nodes for the DS committee. Indeed, it is also noteworthy that the network’s last upgrade v8.0 was feature-packed.

Zilliqa requires an urgent upgrade

In a recent tweet, the team behind Zilliqa revealed to its community that they are working on an urgent upgrade. The team will resolve the large memory consumption on the mining nodes for the DS Committee. The network upgrade will be conducted to version tag v8.0.5 at block number 1283088.

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According to the tweet, during the upgrade period, no transactions will be processed. Moreover, there are chances that API could not be accessible. However, the developers will keep the community updated regarding the upgrade.

Why is an urgent upgrade required?

Zilliqa has previously rolled out a feature-packed network upgrade. According to the team behind the blockchain development, the upgrade reduced block time, adjusted priorities for miners, and made other optimizations.

Notably, after the upgrade, the network began to show some instability. Following such issues, the core developers intervened on several occasions to introduce patches. However, the patches resulted in several downtimes.

Following the issues and the blockchain behavior, the developers found that the network requires transparency while reducing the chances of such events in the future. Hence, they began to bring new features atop the networks underlying technology while following industry standards.

How will the core developers bring the changes?

According to a Reddit post of the developers, once the changes and the unit tests round are finalized, the changes will run on a small private chain. Indeed, running the changes on a small-scale private network will be for a short period of time.

Later the changes will be followed by a large-scale integration at the mainnet-scale. Ultimately, they will deploy the changes on a public testnet that is open for all to interact. However, if they find any bug on any networks at such a period, they will again begin with the first step. 

Moreover, they will be writing a unit test to capture such errors deploying the fixes on a private network.

Introduction to the formal verification tools

To advance the aforementioned testing process, Zilliqa developers are planning to introduce formal verification tools. Ultimately, the tool will help the devs to verify the generated model and even implementations formally. Indeed, such tools help verify the correctness, reliability, and dependability of software systems.

Combination of two complementary unit testing function

Zilliqa devs are planning to combine the complementary functions that are used for unit testing and formal verification. The factor will help the devs detect any design or implementation issues associated with the critical part of the codebase.

Furthermore, Zilliqa has plans to reduce the frequency of network upgrades. Notably, the factor will provide more time to test the existing features on its blockchain and in the wild.

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