zkTube’s Innovative Form of Mining Has Been Widely Accepted by the Global Market

To prevent global warming, various countries signed the “Paris Climate Agreement” in 2015, which agreed to limit the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees at the end of the century and strive to achieve the goal of 1.5 degrees. All countries must put forward proposals for this purpose. Achieve your carbon reduction and carbon neutralization plan.

In the context of the global promotion of carbon peaks and carbon neutrality,criticisms of encrypted mining energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission are rampant. Especially for those environmentalists who question the value of the Bitcoin network, maintaining such a huge power consumption will consume a lot of non-renewable energy and emit a lot of carbon dioxide, which will cause air pollution and temperature rise.

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In this situation, the regulatory policies in many countries have suddenly tightened, and most Bitcoin mining farms are facing closure. The most fundamental reason is the waste of energy caused by BTC and the destruction of the ecological environment.

According to a report by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance Research
(CCAF), the consumption in China accounts for 70% of the total energy consumption
of “mining” in the world, while the electricity consumption of Bitcoin is as much as
120 billion kilowatt-hours per year, ranking 27th in the world, which is more than that
in Sweden.
This phenomenon runs counter to the long-term stable and sustainable development
of nature. Green environmental protection, energy-saving innovation is the way of
development. At the same time, blockchain technology is a disruptive innovation that
can change the entire human financial system.
Therefore, it is obviously known that the green and low-carbon goal is the key to
global environmental governance, and it has become a trend for the crypto industry
to join the green initiative. More and more encryption organizations are involved in
this green campaign, trying to provide solutions

Established by the Energy Web Foundation, the Rocky Mountain Institute, and the
Alliance for Innovative Regulations, The Crypto Climate Accord, which has 45
members including Ripple, CoinShares, Compact Mining and others, promises to
bring the global cryptocurrency industry to net zero emissions by 2030.

The Crypto Carbon Accord was established in May this year, promising to make
the cryptocurrency mining industry Carbon neutral by 2040.

On May 13, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that Tesla is considering using a cryptocurrency with lower energy consumption. They also concern about the impact of Bitcoin on the environment.More and more crypto institutions and practitioners tend to invest, develop or participate in green blockchain projects. Green transformation is the inevitable choice for the crypto industry to have a better development.

The zkTube network protocol developed by zkTube Laboratories in Australia uses
zero-knowledge proof mining (PLONK) technology, which is an innovative mining
model based on environmental protection. Compared with the traditional public chain
node, it contains the miner code, so as long as it is compiled on demand, mining can
be carried out. Also, it can be used in the mining pool mode and only needs to be
developed based on secondary development.

zkTube has independently developed the zero-knowledge proof algorithm into a
miner, and the Provers network will undertake the mining task. Therefore, the zkTube
framework is composed of Provers grid and zkTube miner verification nodes.
In the entire zkTube network, smart contracts need to be deployed into the Ethereum
network first. These smart contracts are responsible for managing user balances and
verifying the correctness of zkTube network operations. Then you need to get
zkTube-node up. Node is divided into four microservices:
1) zkTube-core service
2) zkTube_api service
3) zkTube_token_sender service
4) zkTube_witness_generator service

In addition to the above Node, it also includes the Provers network, which is zkTube’s
zero-knowledge proof technology miner network. Regarding the Provers mining
network, in the entire mining architecture, zkTube has set a more detailed
mechanism for this. The zero-knowledge Prover is equivalent to the miner side of the
command line, and the node part is responsible for the miner verification node work.
In addition, the zero-knowledge proof algorithm requires a higher CPU and memory
because it involves a large amount of computation. Therefore, miners have relatively
high requirements for erecting this machine. It is mainly used to compete for the
generation of zero-knowledge proofs of transactions participating in the zkTube
network. It is mainly used to compete for the generation of zero-knowledge proof of
transactions in the zkTube network. The profit of miners is greatly related to the
amount of computation obtained. The generation of zero-knowledge proof requires a
large amount of CPU and memory to participate in. Therefore, a miner suitable for
zkTube needs to have a certain configuration.

In the blockchain that produces cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are rewarded to users who contribute resources and participate in calculations and verification checks, also known as miners. zkTube believes that due to the universal applicability of “Power Law” in nature, the reasonable way for mining machines to use resources on the blockchain should be that more than 80% of the resources are used to run socially valuable resources. Only less than 20% of applications are used for mining. It makes sense that the mining machine has changed from single mining to an ecosystem and application that mainly serves on the chain, and a truly valuable blockchain is built!

For more information on the Token Sale: https://zktube.medium.com/

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