Odin Protocol mainnet is set to launch on October

  • Odin protocol is moving ahead of its roadmap
  • The blockchain network will launch its mainnet on October 27, 2021
  • Although the mainnet will be established, the development will continue

Odin Protocol is almost ready to boom in the cryptosphere. The blockchain is the most prominent additional branch of development within GeoDB. The project helps position GeoDB among key innovation leaders in the industry. In December, the network began with its tremendous roadmap and has seen considerable growth. It is worth noting that it is moving ahead of its roadmap, and the protocol is near introducing its mainnet. According to a recent tweet by the team behind the project, the mainnet will be rolled out on October 27, 2021.

Does the Odin protocol have the potential?

Open Data Interoperable Network (ODIN) is a decentralized system that constructs a data oracle network. The network is based on an open protocol interaction among participants and a sustainable thrift. Indeed, the project involves the creation of a decentralized P2P data sharing and trading world.

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The concept behind the protocol is to enhance the GeoDB ecosystem with a unique data world. Since the project was first announced, it’s been observed moving at a tremendous pace. And following the growth, Odin Protocol has attracted several eyes in the industry. Moreover, it is among the top five gainers on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Moving ahead of the roadmap

According to the roadmap, Odin Protocol was about to roll out its mainnet by the end of this year. In contrast, the first testnet was to be launched in April as per the roadmap, and that was demonstrating the key providers and onboarding of test users. On the other hand, the second testnet was expected in August. 

However, following the scenario, it seems the live system, flows implementation, and onboarding features are working fine. Hence, recently it has been announced that the mainnet will be launched by late October only. 

As per the recent tweet, on October 27, 2021, the community will get the mainnet. Hence the announcement proved the true potential of the project and showed its growth pace.

Never-ending development

The team behind the project hopes that the development will not end after the mainnet launch. Notably, Odin’s architecture provides the possibility of adding the functionality of various levels of complexity.

Additional features will include cross integration to automatically stream data to other oracles, extension in types of supported data. Simultaneously, the Odin Protocol will introduce decentralized data storage and computation within the system.

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