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CurPay helps protect your asset from the volatile crypto market

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CurPay AVP
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CurPay is one of the most advanced and simple to use cryptocurrency trading platforms. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world has observed that it might feel good holding fiat and cash, but that does not earn any return and grows in terms of value. Hence, Several globally shifted to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although the crypto market has performed tremendously and provided gains worth hundreds and thousands of percent, volatility remained a big concern. Hence, CurPay is introducing an artificial intelligence (AI) based trading software that includes Automated Volatility Protection (AVP).

What does CurPay Automated Volatility Protection offer?

CurPay has brought a new era of asset protection. The Automated Volatility Protection feature of the trading platform is on guard 24/7. AVP is a patent-pending technology that is an automated AI-based tool. It toils for one chore that is to retain cryptocurrencies safe from volatility. The tool monitors the hops or drops in the value of the crypto assets. Moreover, the tool not only helps protect the value of any digital asset but also takes advantage of that volatility in the crypto market to make a profit.

CurPay’s AVP trades crypto to fiat or stablecoins of users’ choice on the connected exchange. It offers multiple strategies from buying, selling, accumulating, and holding. It is observed that the platform has a strategy to fit our risk tolerance and help us to meet our goals. Furthermore, the users of the platform can customize their trade settings with plenty of options. It is also significant that trades are executed instantly on the platform.

CurPay’s AVP is better than a trading bot

CurPay is offering a very advanced trading tool. The team behind the project understands how humans with more experience have better results. Following the scenario, they have built the AVP tool that learns from its mistakes and continues to improve itself. Notably, trade bots are unable to distinguish a set of successive losses from a bad trade and can lead to greater losses.

The tool can also manage huge amounts of data while making complex calculations at a tremendous pace. The feature uses a reactive machine and a limited memory type of AI to perform specific tasks. Such tasks are measured using historical live data from the market. On the other side, trading bots are programmed with strict parameters. And are unable to handle things like AI.

While using the trade bots, we have observed that when volatility reaches its peak, they become ineffective. However, with CurPay’s AVP it is observed that it remains effective with every situation. Significantly, in such situations, the AI learns to avoid the issues associated with bots.

Notably, one of the most significant features is CurPay’s technology has the expertise to trade any pair. The AI has the potential to generate gains from any trading pairs, including Bitcoin to fiat, altcoins to fiat, or fiat to crypto. Something a trading bot can not do without a set algorithm for each.

With strict parameters, trading bots are fixed to a set of algorithms. Indeed, the success of such bots is associated with the developers of the algorithms as it depends on their understanding of the market. But the AI implements a wide variety of strategies that also includes technical and fundamental analysis allowing it to achieve better results.

Trading platform with numerous security measures

CurPay compels assorted security standards to strengthen its clients’ accounts secure from unauthorized access. The platform encrypts all API keys, passwords, and other prudent information. The virtuous team behind the trading platform endorses its users to use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). And also exhorts its clients to disable withdrawal authorization from its exchange’s APIs.

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