PolkaBridge integrates Polygon scaling solution

PolkaBridge latest integration helps stake PBR with high APY
  • PolkaBridge integrated Polygon’s Ethereum full-stack scalability solution
  • PolkaBridge chose Ethereum, but it believes the blockchain has some scalability concerns
  • The AMM DEX will be launched on Polkadot network after roll-out with all functionalities
  • The latest integration will allow users to stake PBR tokens with minimal fees and higher APY

PolkaBridge platform has been detected achieving mainstream attention in the cryptosphere. The focus of the platform is to offer a smooth and hassle-free MultiChain Automated Market Maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX). In the current scenario, the platform is launched on the Ethereum network. Notably, the DEX exchange is planning to onboard the DOT blockchain after its rollout with all functionality. After noting its mission to ensure wide compatibility, the DEX planned to blast off on the Polygon network, Ether’s full-stack scalability solution. Indeed, now the platform will permit its users to stake PBR on Polygon’s blockchain with meagerer fees and loftier APY.

Why does PolkaBridge choose Ether blockchain?

The Ether network is the world’s leading smart contracts blockchain in terms of adoption and usage. The network powers an overwhelmingly substantial percentage of the cryptosphere. Ethereum holds the book for the highest fees generated, financial value alleviated, and assorted unique addresses. The blockchain grips the highest quantity of devs creating on the blockchain and it has more users than the combination of other networks.

Why did the DEX plan to launch on Polygon?

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Although PolkaBridge chose Ether, it noted that the blockchain has scalability problems. Undoubtedly, it’s not prudent for the average users of the network to transact on its base layer. Indeed, two reasons are there that cause such a situation. 

Lofty fees and even longer processing times. Such a scenario is unfeasible for a DeFi ecosystem hoping for mass adoption and usage, which requires timely processing extents and low fees to enable individuals to participate.

Polygon has a solution for scalability concerns on large Ether blockchain. Polygon delivers a full stack scaling solution. Such a solution uses diverse methods to scale the second most popular blockchain by batching tx and optimizing its processing. Ultimately, the network makes it possible for the projects to leverage Ether’s power economically while maintaining EVM compatibility and inheriting security from the base layer.

Stake PBR with inadequate fees and impressive APY

PolkaBridge implementation with the Polygon blockchain will also embark on staking functionality. The staking option will remain similar to the one present on the Ether network. The latest staking function will help users to acquire PBR from QuickSwap or will help fill it promptly from ETH to stake on the Polygon chain. Moreover, now the users will be charged minimal fees, and can enjoy high Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

Notably, about 200k PBR tokens will be allotted to the staking pool as rewards.  All stakes can enjoy the rewards as PolkaBridge will add 200k PBR every month.

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