GALA Cryptocurrency sees a 72.31% hike in the last 24 hours

  • Price of GALA at the time of writing – $0.1006
  • GALA’s market cap at the time of writing – $761,976,223
  • GALA might be a good investment as prices may rise upto $0.176 in just 2 years

Digital money is at present on bullish energy by 72.31% as of now. At 23:50 EST on Thursday, 16 September, (GALA) (GALA-USD) was at $0.1077. The present last detailed volume for (GALA) is 2710569875, 11924.38% over its normal volume of 22542276.94. 

All time High and Low 

Occasion (GALA’s) current worth is at $0.11, 26.34% beneath its unsurpassed high of $0.14 on Thursday, 16 September. Celebration (GALA’s) current worth is at $0.11, 76118.48% over the all- time low of $0.14 on Monday, 28 December. 


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Celebration (GALA’s) last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s present instability was a negative 1.64%, a positive 0.05%, and a positive 7.37%, separately. Occasion (GALA’s) current unpredictability rank, which estimates how unstable a monetary resource is (variety between the least and most elevated worth in a period), was 3.43% (last week), 5.35% (last month), and 7.37% (last quarter), individually. 

Market Cap and Supply 

Affair (GALA’s) current market cap is at 774425467. The absolute stockpile is 35,456,872,835.75, greatest inventory is 50,000,000,000.00, and the flowing inventory is 7,542,496,572.32. About (GALA’s) every day highs and lows, it’s 79.56% up from its following 24 hours low of $0.0600 and 23.04% down from its following 24 hours high of $0.1400. Presently, (GALA) (GALA-USD) has 54175 Twitter supporters. 

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