In Bitcoin We Trust ring just got listed on the OpenSea NFT marketplace

The jewelry brand DESIRED has just revealed its offering of a limited-edition token dubbed Diamond Hands. It is said that it combines bitcoin (BTC), jewelry, and non-fungible tokens as it just got listed on the peer-to-peer marketplace to NFTs – OpenSea.  

In Bitcoin We Trust  

This Diamond Hands NFT is said to be limited to just 100 tokens as it represents proof of ownership once the IBWT token has been redeemed on the platform for a real-world ring that is reported to be of 750th gold purity and inlaid with 1.5-carat emeralds and 3.6-carat diamonds. AMB noted that this is a sales mechanism that is being adopted to persuade early investors and enable them to push revenues as purchases move up. Additionally, the In Bitcoin We Trust is an ERC-20 token that is very much tradeable similar to any digital tokens out there.  

Diamond Hands collection  

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The token can be exchanged on the website to get the ring. Aside from the ring, DESIRED’s Diamond Hands collection is also designing watches (2 IBWT), a couple more unisex rings priced at 0.7 IBWT and 0.5 IBWT, and necklaces (1.5 IBWT).   

As a result, these new products will be creating an additional deficit for IBWT tokens by redeeming small parts of the said tokens. Also, every IBWT that is being sold will trigger the token’s value by making a beneficial price curve for In Bitcoin We Trust.   

DESIRED founder’s inspiration  

Meanwhile, DESIRED Founder Roman Burch stated that their new limited-edition Diamond Hands collection is dedicated to the crypto world, adding that he was inspired by the history of bitcoin and how the cryptocurrency integrated into the lives of crypto enthusiasts. He is also noted to have followed BTC’s ups and downs, as he waited for the world to finally accept it. Burch went on to reveal that in the first ring of In Bitcoin We Trust, he tried to feature such history to convey the principles of diamond hands.  

Redeeming Diamond Hands token  

One might wonder as to how to redeem a Diamond Hands token. Here are the steps that might walk you through in doing so.  

First, you have to purchase IBWT tokens. Next is placing an order for a customized ring from Diamond Hands.   

Next is going to the diamond hands website and clicking on the “redeem” button which can be found on the top right corner of the website. This will prompt a window to open.  

Lastly, one should enter their In Bitcoin We Trust token to burn it. If the token has not been requested for delivery after the IBWT token was burnt, one should enter their transaction hash in the box to validate.  

DESIRED is based in Bali, Indonesia and relies on its manufacturers in Hong Kong to handcraft their jewelry for the limited collection Diamond Hands. 

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